Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Welcome to Travelers of Ki'Mara

A Live Action Steampunk Adventure

Travelers of Ki’Mara is theatrical game that puts you in the role of colonists, fortune-seekers, and explorers, as they  journey beyond the frontier of civilization to stake their claim. This game takes place in a fantastical alternate world that has entered its own industrial revolution, as firearms begin to replace swords, so too are machines replacing magic. The demand for resources in this rapidly developing empire and the spirit of a few courageous souls has led to a grand expedition launched to push beyond the borders of civilization. A strange, hostile world awaited them on the wild frontier, but so far they have managed to survive the savage land of Ki'Mara.

This land is far from uninhabited, however. Native Elves, Dwarves, and a strange new race called the Arachnis have been discovered in the years since Ki'Mara was first settled- but even they fear the unknown on most of the continent they call home. Several natives who are friendly with the caravan (Ecferus, Dwarf, and Arachnis player characters) have chosen to join the expedition to push back the darkness and reclaim their ancestral home. After many years of contact with some challenging new ideas of industry and modernism these characters must struggle to keep up their cultural identity and independence despite the growing influence of Amara.

While borrowing historical themes from America's own exploration of the west and the European industrial revolution, Travelers also explores elements of classic fantasy and 19th century science fiction that inspired the steampunk genre. Imagine a civilization in the midst of replacing magic with a dependence on semi-futuristic technology. Imagine elves, dwarves, and stranger races as part of a long history that have adapted to modern society. Imagine the most adventurous members of these races searching through the unknown wilds for fortunes and fame, and you are in our world; Travelers of Ki’Mara. Explore our website to learn more!

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4/23/2015 - Ecferus Racial Page

“The land does not belong to you, it does not belong to us; it cannot be owned. Ki’Mara belongs only to itself, and it will show no mercy to those who forget. We remain its greatest allies and sole protectors because we have remembered, always.”

                                                           -Siennah Hakan, Tribal Chief

Most Ecferus practice a simple, tribal lifestyle based on the old ways of spirit worship that were once common to all peoples of Ki’Mara. Their ability to commune with the Meliae and the land itself is unparalleled, though even they fear what lives in the long untouched places.

4/9/2015 - Amaran Racial Page

“Throughout history, we have wrought the greatest triumphs of civilization, and the greatest tragedies of war; often by the same deeds. No one and nothing exceeds the breadth of our grasp… 

except, perhaps, our own reach.”

                                                                          -Lord Jules Calverson, "The Caravan Project" (Deceased)

Amarans are, by a significant margin, the most populous ethnic group in the known world; then again, lands are only considered “known” if they are known to the Amarans. They enjoy this dubiously high level of influence thanks to their government’s control of travel and commerce between the two known continents. 

4/2/2015 - Races Portal

"For two thousand years, we survived this war-torn wilderness, while you built a new empire across the sea. Now we share the ancestral home once again; do we take this second chance at an alliance, or throw it aside for another bloody struggle? 

                                                               -Ashkala Durath, Ecferus Diplomat   

This world is home to more sentient species of life than humans alone- in fact, several intelligent, humanoid races are known. Visit our Races Portal to investigate!

3/26/2015 - Main Page + Faction Portal

Explore the rest of this updated Home Page to check out all the Traveler Thursday updates thus far! 

We've also updated our website's look in some minor ways, and created a faction portal that links together the pages for all five major political groups. Click here to check it out!

Check in next Thursday for the first of eight Racial Page updates! 

3/19/2015 - The World Map

"And so we hewed Amaran stone into an Empire, 
but there was never enough stone there to be found;
And so we sail again the deep forbidding ocean; 
with vessels vast, we now reclaim the ancient ground."
                                                              -Silas Finn, "Traveler's Hymn"

This map is interactive- click on the compass rose for each location to learn more!

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3/12/2015 - Map of Amara

"Two thousand years ago our families were in ruin,
And every day their many enemies gained ground;
And so they set to sail the deep, forbidding ocean, 
With vessels vast they searched until new land was found."
                                                                                     -Silas Finn, "Traveler's Hymn"

This map is interactive- click on the compass rose for each location to learn more!

3/5/2015 - Map of Ki'Mara

"There is a story that you should not tell your children;  
for it will lead them to an early grave, I know. 
About the land across the Vast and Trekless ocean; 
about the land where by this ship our fortunes go." 
                                                            -Silas Finn, "Traveler's Hymn"

This map is interactive- click on the compass rose for each location to learn more!

2/26/2015 - The Foreign Legion

"Your old life is over. Whatever you were before, that's done now. Your new life is fighting for the Empire. Fight well, and you may end your tour owning the ground you fought for. Fight poorly, you and many others will be dead. Time to choose." 
                                                    -Sergeant Ryan Kincaid
The Foreign Legion is the branch of the Imperial Army that is based in Ki’Mara. While some join up seeking adventure in the untamed wilderness, many Legionnaires were once condemned criminals given the opportunity to serve out their sentence in military service on the harsh frontier. The Legion is often the only line of defense between colonists and a hostile world of natives and monstrous wildlife.

2/19/2015 - The Imperial Corps of Engineers

"We live in an age where technology has allowed us to finally choose our leaders based on the nobility of their blood and spirit, rather than the weight of their coinpurse or archaic mystical talents. Together, with science, we will build a better future." 
                                                      -Machinist Elizabeth Richter
The Imperial Corps of Engineers is an organization of architects, scientists, laborers, and other innovators which has strong political ties to families of ancient noble lineage. With the patronage of these aristocrats, they have taken the world by storm with their inventions, from the steam train to the journey ship- and they continue to pursue scientific progress from the laboratories of Amara to the wild jungles of the Ki’Maran frontier.

2/12/2015 - The Order of the Solemn

"For two millennia we have ruled the Empire through equality, regardless of birth or creed. You have a place with us if you have greatness within you- whether or not you have the talent, 
it never hurts to have a little magic on your side." 
                                                           -Steward Mortimer Wells
The Order of the Solemn is a club that blends mystical tradition with the pursuit of success and influence. They control the majority of the world’s wealth, and pride themselves on non-discrimination, accepting initiates from all races and walks of life, provided they have what it takes to succeed. The Order provides its members with tremendous economic and legal support in exchange for pursuing Solemnite interests where and when they can. 

2/5/2015 - The Advocacy

"The Empire cannot be permitted to treat Ki’Mara as though it were unoccupied territory, and its peoples as inconvenient obstacles on the road to utter sovereignty. We must learn to make peace with this unconquerable land if we are to remain at all."

                                                                -Ambassador Thu'ulsch, The Advocacy

The Advocacy is a political group that fights in the halls of Parliament and on the frontiers of Ki’Mara for the rights of Ki’Maran natives, and the cause of peace. It was founded by a group of Balicai elders, but now has members from every known sentient race. Some members focus on political activism, while others provide more direct aid on the edge of civilization, preventing conflict and saving lives where and when they can.

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1/29/2015 - The Caravan Union

"What we do isn't politics. Our job is to make sure everybody gets paid, has enough to eat, and a roof over their head. Sometimes you can make peace between enemies, sometimes you have to pick sides- keeping people alive is just more damn important."

                                                                      -Master Johnathan Clarke, The Caravan Union

The Caravan Union is a group responsible for regulating trade and transport in Ki’Mara. They also control most of Ki’Mara’s black market and organized crime, but they typically exercise this control in ways that help the colonies survive and thrive. This earns them the support of colonials themselves and inspires Parliament to ignore their illicit dealings. Many Caravaneers are heroes to the common man, fighting for their fair wage from colonial courthouses to the very edge of the frontier.

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