Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Friday, Apr 25 at 4:00 PM - Sunday, Apr 27 1:00 PM
Saturday, Jul 5 at 6:00 PM - Sunday, Jul 6 12:00 AM

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New to Travelers?

The story of this larp is ultimately about a caravan of travelers bound for Ki’Mara on board the Seventh Great Journey Ship. As a traveler your role is to traverse the rugged landscape of an ancient continent and discover its secrets. The character you create might be a daring outlaw, a brave colonist, a powerful helatite magic-user, or a steam-powered mastermind. Alongside other travelers you will battle monsters and conquer a lost world.

 Please join our forums for regular updates and take part in discussions about the game’s development. You have the ability to influence the look and feel of our world with your own creativity so don’t hesitate to put your ideas out there. We’ll see you around!

A Live-Action Steampunk Adventure

Welcome to Travelers of Ki’Mara, a theatrical combat game that puts you in the role of colonists, fortune-seekers, and explorers as you journey beyond the frontier of civilization to stake your claim. This game takes place in a fictional world that has entered an age of industrial revolution and political upheaval as machines replace magic and swords clash with muskets. The spirit of adventure, shaped by the demands of a pseudo-Victorian society and the private interests of powerful leaders, have led to this grande expedition, but it is you who will ultimately see its success and decide its fate. A mysterious and ancient wilderness awaits you across a vast and trekless ocean in Ki'Mara.

This land is far from uninhabited however. Native Elves, Dwarves, and a curious new race called Arachnis have been known to attack outsiders who trespass on their land. Combined with them are ancient beasts and monsters that still roam freely across untamed wilderness creating an ever-present danger to your mission. The few Ki'Marans who are friendly with the caravan (Ecferus, Dwarf, and Arachnis player characters) know perhaps only enough about their home that they may also be afraid of what lies further inland. After many years of contact with some challenging new ideas of industry and modernism these characters must struggle to keep up their cultural identity and independence despite the growing influence of Amara.

While borrowing historical themes from America's own exploration of the west and the European industrial revolution, Travelers explores elements of classic fantasy and 19th century science fiction that inspired the steampunk genre. Imagine a civilization in the midst of replacing magic with a dependence on futuristic technology. Imagine elves, dwarves, and stranger races as part of a long history that have adapted to modern society. Imagine the most adventurous members of these races searching through the unknown wilds for fortunes and fame, and you are in our world; Travelers of Ki’Mara.

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