Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Alchemical Recipes

The Skills Potion, Bioserum, Poultice, Poison, and Elixir all use alchemy. Alchemy recipes are made up of ingredients with one base ingredient. The base ingredient is the main component of the recipe and can never be changed while other Ingredients are interchangeable if they share identical traits. It is recommended you keep a personal journal to record your own findings about alchemy. When using substitute ingredients you must still have an official copy of the recipe that describes the alchemical item you wish to create.

To create alchemy items you need to use an Alchemist's Satchel, or Alchemy Lab.

Example Recipes

These recipes can always be found on the caravan.

Potion of Refreshment


This substance is used to to give you a second wind. You regain the use of 1 skill you have already used.

  • 2 x Juniper Berries (Base); poisonous if eaten raw.
  • Cats Tail; reddish in color and grows near water; Trait: Magic 1. 
  • 2 x Emberlight Flowers; easier to find at night.

Draconic Skin


This serum provides defense against a single projectile attack. You must drink this potion before you call the defense.

  • Dragon Oil Extract (Base); chemical is orange in color and made from dragon oil; exact recipe unknown.
  • 2 x Sophenic Dust; harvested from ashes of a kaldarian wood, magical.
  • 4 x Red Hemlock; Common ground plant.

Tendril Drops


This poison is blue and odorless, it causes the victim to asphyxiate until they pass out. Takes about 5 minutes to work and lasts for 10 minutes.

  • 2 x Assassin's Vine Tendril (Base); cut from assassin vines.
  • Asobe Cactus; imported by Harena; Trait: Magic 1
  • Solendum; Ground down helatite stone

Salve of Lesser Healing


This gel heals 10 HP when applied for 5 seconds.

  • 4 x Red Hemlock (Base); Trait: Healing 2
  • 2 x Juniper Berries; Trait: Healing 1



This serum provides +2 damage when using fists or claws for 5 minutes.

  • 2 x Sapphire Beetle Extract (Base); Sapphire beetles are 5' long and spit acid.
  • 3 x Billyweed; blue grass native to swamps. Trait: Strength 1

Grislebark Wrappings


This substance holds the soul in place. When you use this poultice it will stabilize someone who is dying. Their death count stops for up to 10 minutes.

  • Soul Ash (Base); Collected from the ashes of a strong soul.
  • 2 x Soul Essence; Trait: Magic 3
  • 4 x Ectoplasm; left by poltergeists and spirits.

Hemlock Brew


Refining red hemlock improves its healing qualities. Heal 3 when you drink this.

  • Red Hemlock (Base); Trait: Healing 2
  • Fools Petal Flowers; Attracts boars, gold silver or copper petals.

Azer Venom


This thick viscous liquid causes its victim to burn from the inside out. Causes insanity 1 hour after imbibed and death after 3 hours.

  • 2 x Azer Magma (Base); gathered from an azer's brain.
  • 4 x Solendum; Liquid Magic.
  • 2 x Red Mercury; refined from red mercury ore.

Potion of Improved Strength


When imbibed you are treated as having the warrior skill Improved Strength.

  • 4 x Billyweed (Base); blue grass native to swamps.
  • 2 x Red Hemlock; common ground plant.
  • Asobe Catus; Trait: Magic 1