Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Roleplay and Costuming Requirements

  • You must have 6 extra eyes visible on your face and head.
  • You must have a consistent spider pattern make-up from game to game. For example, you may choose the guise of a black widow, garden spider, or even a tarantula.
  • Fangs

Roleplay and Costume Tips

  • Arachnis tend towards stoicism but their curious and ambitious tendencies can cause them to become obsessive.
  • Arachnis may either choose to start with no name or with a name derived from the greatest deed of their back story; examples are Stone-thrower, Deep-delver, and Foe-Eater.
  • Full black Sclera contact lens
  • 4 spider-like legs protruding from abdomen of any length.

Racial Benefits

  • You gain the skill Stealth I for no experience cost.
  • You start with 5-10 reams of Arachnis Silk, and 11-20 sovereigns.
  • Devour: You are able to drain the remaining life from a fresh kill. You must roleplay the use of this skill for 1 minute after which you regain all of your Hit Points. You may use this skill on someone in the disabled status which will cause them to start dying.


“Learn politeness from the impolite."

                                                                 - Slandis of the Woven City

Racial Description

The Arachnis are a fledgling, spider~humanoid race. They live deep beneath Ki’Mara’s surface in fathomless cave systems, abandoned dwarven mining villages, and forsaken catacombs. There lurk in dark forests where the trees grow so amply they black out the sun. Some Arachnis walk in the land of the sun; those who seek adventure on the surface, some sent on missions by their queen, and traitors exiled from the shelter of the shadows. 

The Arachnis are desperate to become a refined and cultured race similar to the rest of the civilized world. Arachnis will sometimes awkwardly impersonate non-Arachnis’ body language in conversation; this is not meant to be an insult, but a means to learn. Unfortunately, Arachnis are driven by a ravenous hunger. They require substantial quantities of food to sate their large appetites. Arachnis were once known to raid settlements and feast on its inhabitants, but those methods proved to be unfavorable for the survivability of the race. The Arachnis now prefer to make trade alliances to be better integrated with the civilized world. 

The most valuable commodity the Arachnis have comes from themselves, their own web. The fine silk-cloth that is created by the Arachnis web is sought by royalty of all races. Even still, the other races fear the Arachnis due to their dark look and grim history.

Arachnis have a light exoskeleton even though their anatomy is all but identical to humans. Some Arachnis can grow hair like that of a human, those who cannot often weave beautiful wigs from silk to grant the illusion of hair. Sprouting from their abdomen are four extraneous spider-like limbs, these come in different shapes and sizes for each Arachnis. In most Arachnis these four extra legs are stubby little nubs that serve no purpose, but in some cases these legs can grow big and strong enough for an arachnis to walk solely upon them. There is a common practice of self mutilation, within the Arachnis people, to sever these four legs to better assimilate into other races; often times Arachnis who do this will also put out some of their extra eyes but this is frowned upon. Arachnis have eight eyes, two of which are large and similar to the other races. These two primary eyes can be like that of a human or often they are solid black. The other six are beady black smaller eyes arranged in individualistic patterns, these patterns are considered by the Arachnis to be their identity since most Arachnis are not given names.

Arachnis do not name their young at birth since Arachnis give birth to clutches of thousands. Many do not survive and to name them would be a vain task. Instead Arachnis are given titles for great accomplishments they have personally achieved or for daring feats of honor in battle or defense of their people. Each of these titles is as unique as each Arachnis is. These titles usually take the form of small phrases such as: Slayer of Giants Tall, Cloud Catcher, Sees With No Eyes. Arachnis will generally attain one of these names early in life and may receive others later on; they can be called by any of these titles and will respond to them. Most Arachnis go by nicknames derived from these titles.

Relations with Other Races

  • Amaran: They seek our silks yet they color them rather than enjoy their natural beauty. This reflects all of their actions.
  • Odun: They enjoy our silks for sails and ropes. We deal with them case by case; so far so good when encountering this race.
  • Harena: We seek their wisdom, some of our kind looks at them as food.
  • Ecferus: They are distrustful of us though they seek our goods for trade.
  • Pallidus: Are they food? Why do they act like servants?
  • Dwarves: They are far smarter then they act. They are to be observed.
  • Balicai: Honorable and wise we take to them well as they to us.

Restricted Race

You must demonstrate that you can provide a reasonable means of costuming for this race. These are generally not recommended for first time players and may require more expensive prosthetic or makeup to represent properly. If you intend to play them at your first event please contact us to submit your proposal (pictures of your intended costume and make-up are recommended). We will never refuse a character as long as you are willing to work with us in developing them. We allow players to walk-in as any of these races but please be aware of the expectations and possibilities in doing so.