Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Arcane Scrolls

To cast an arcane spell you need to channel the mana stored inside of helatite stones by invoking the name of the spell and pointing at your target. Arcane magic is directed and materialized by the mind, it is quicker and more accurate than any sword, and only requires that you are able to see your target and be able to speak. Arcane spells are written on scrolls that must be reviewed each day when the mind is fresh.

When you are at rest you may prepare spells from any scroll in your possession for each use of the skill spellcasting that you possess. Preparing spells is a 10 minute ritual that is unique to each mage and could include tasks like reciting arcane verses, lighting incense, deep meditation, or hand gestures. Once the spell is prepared you may cast it as many times as you like if you possess the helatite to pay for it's mana cost. Anyone who has the skill Arcane Writing may read and prepare spells from existing scrolls as long as you understand the language it is written in.  You may only cast spells that are equal to or below your tier in mage.

Creating New Scrolls

For mages with the skill Spellcraft writing new scrolls is an important aspect of their magic. All spells are composed of arcane words that are organized into Type, Effect, and Shape. The helatite cost for your spell is calculated by your choice of arcane words. Higher tier spells may have multiple words as shown on the chart. Additionally, You must have an existing scroll with all of the effects you wish to use in your new spell.

 Novice Spellcasting
Journeyman Spellcasting
Expert Spellcasting

When writing a new scroll you must include a name for the spell, all of the components listed separately with their mana costs, and the total mana cost of the spell. You must roleplay the creation of a scroll for 10 minutes per tier. Scroll cards may be obtained from logistics and need to be approved by the narrator on duty before you may use the spell.


All spells are naturally arcane but other types can be chosen to alter the damage of the spell or create alternate effects.

Arcane  +1 Mana 

This spell type is common of all spells. Even when you choose another type it is still considered Arcane in addition to its other type.

Fire   +2 Mana 

This spell type deals double damage against Ice based creatures and does not affect Fire based creatures. Fire spells also increase damage Effects by 20%. 

Ice   +2 Mana 

This spell type deals double damage against water based creatures and does not affect Ice based creatures. All Ice spells have the ability to Slow their target for 5 seconds per mana instead of dealing their normal effects. When used this way, call your spell normally, but use this effect instead.

Lightning  +3 Mana 

This spell type deals double damage against Mechanical creatures. It does not affect Earth or Lightning based creatures. Lightning spells with a Damage effect may be used to drain hilatite stones instead of dealing damage. Inventions with a hilatite charge can also be drained in this way. This will disable the device and render it useless until its hilatite is replaced.

Earth   +1 Mana 

This spell type deals double damage against Fire based creatures and does regular damage against Earth based creatures.

Illusion  +2 Mana 

This spell type causes the spell to become a mental attack. When attacking with an Illusion spell you must state that it is a mental attack.

Shadow  +3 Mana 

This spell type bypasses armor and can be used as a surprise attack. When used in this way they can only be defended against by dodge or other defenses that protect against surprise.


Choose an effect to decide what your spell does. Each one increases the total mana cost of your spell before you add a shape modifier.

Damage ♦ +2 Mana 

This Effect deals 3 Damage to your Target. You may increase the damage dealt from this attack by 2 for each additional mana you spend up to a maximum of +9 mana.


Break Limb   +5 Mana 

This effect Maims a limb (either 1 Arm or Leg). If the opponent is wearing armor over any part of the target limb the spell has no effect. 

Daze   +3 Mana 

The Target may only call Defensive Skills for the next 20 seconds. This effect stacks increasing the duration of the spell. 

Deafen   +2 Mana 

The Target cannot hear for a duration of 30 seconds. You may use this effect again to increase the duration.

Flare    +3 Mana 

The Target is rendered Blind for a duration of 20 seconds.  You may use this effect again to increase the duration.

Mute   +2 Mana 

The Target of this effect cannot speak for 30 seconds (they may still call damage, and skills that do not normally require speaking). A spellcaster who is muted cannot cast spells.

Necrosis  +4 Mana 

This effect makes your Target unable to regain HP from Healing or any other means until the Necrosis condition is removed. 

Knockback  +1 Mana 

The Target is pushed back 15 feet. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times per tier. Each purchase increasing the distance the target is pushed by 5 feet.

Slow    +3 Mana 

The Target of your spell cannot perform any action or skill except move at a heel-to-toe pace for 20 seconds.  This effect stacks increasing the duration of the spell.


The shape must be part of the name of the spell when you call it during combat. These keywords declare who is affected by a spell.


Mana x 1

Bolts hit one target within 30 feet.


Mana x 1.5

Arcs hit up to 3 different targets within 20 feet that are no more than 10 ft apart.


Mana x 2

Blasts hit any target in a 90 degree angle that is within 5 feet of the caster.


Mana x 2.5

Acts as the bolt shape for intents and purposes. Duplicate will send out 2 of the same spells at the same target, must be defended separately. Call “Double” when using this type.


Mana x 3

Auras hit every target within 10 feet of the caster.


Mana x 3

Rays hit anyone in front of the caster that is standing within 10 feet.


Mana x 3

Bombs hit one target that is within 20 feet of the caster and anyone that is within 5 feet of that target.

Example Scrolls

Fizbang’s Fireshot

5 Mana  ♦  Novice Spell

Fire    (+2 Mana  ~  strong vs. Ice, +20% damage) 

Damage II    (+3 Mana  ~  5 damage +1 [20%] ) 

Bolt    (Mana x1  ~  single target) 

This spell creates a burst of fire on a single target that deals 6 points of damage. When you cast this spell call “Fizbang’s Fireshot, 6 Fire” 

Arc Lighting   

7 Mana  ♦  Novice Spell

Lightning    (+2 Mana  ~  strong vs. Mechanical) 

Damage II    (+3 Mana  ~  5 damage) 

Arc     (Mana x1.5  ~  3-target) 

This spell creates an arc of lightning that hits up to 3 targets in a 10 ft. proximity to each other and within 20 ft of the spell caster. This spell must hit 3 different targets. When you cast this spell call “Arc Lightning” then “5 Lightning” against each target. 

Stonebridge Shuffle  

15 Mana  ♦  Novice Spell 

Arcane     (+1 Mana)

Break Limb    (+5 Mana  ~  Break Limb) 

Duplicate    (Mana x 2.5  ~  Double Spell)

This spell creates two slashes of arcane force that can break the limbs of a target within 30 feet. This spell can only affect a target whose limbs are unarmored. When you cast this spell, call “Stonebridge Shuffle, Double Break Limb.” and designate limbs.

Unrelenting Force

20 Mana  ♦  Journeyman Spell 

Arcane     (+1 Mana)

Knockback    (+4 Mana  ~  Push +30 feet) 

Knockback    (+4 Mana  ~  Push +30 feet

Blast     (Mana x 2  ~  5 foot 90 degree arc)

Anyone hit with this spell is thrown 60 feet back. You must designated a 90 degree 5 foot arc with your arms when using this spell and call "Unrelenting Force, Push 60 feet."

Illusory Flash

10 Mana  ♦  Journeyman Spell

Illusion    (+2 Mana)

Damage IV    (+5 Mana  ~  9 Damage)

Flare    (+3 Mana  ~  Blind 20 seconds) 

Bolt    (Mana x1  ~  Single target)    

This spell afflicts harm directly to the brain overloading the senses and causing blindness. When casting this spell say, "Illusory Flash, Mental Spell, 9 Damage and Blind 20 seconds."

Steam Vent

93 Mana  ♦  Expert Spell

Fire     (+2 Mana  ~  strong vs. Ice, +20% Damage)

Ice    (+2 Mana ~  strong vs. Water)

Damage VIII    (+9 Mana  ~  17 Damage, +3 [20%] )

Damage VIII    (+9 Mana  ~  17 Damage, +3 [20%]  

Damage VIII    (+9 Mana  ~  17 Damage, +3 [20%]    

Bomb   (Mana x3  ~  20 feet and 5 foot radius)    

This spell causes a geyser of deadly steam to burst from the ground. It instantly boils anyone caught in the eruption. Fire creatures are immune to this effect, water creatures take double damage, and Ice creatures take normal damage. When you cast this spell say, "Steam Vent, 60 ice and Fire Damage 5 foot radius" and designate a primary target.