Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Armor and Shields

All costumes should adhere to the guidelines that are provided in the Race section of the rules. Beyond these few requirements your costume goes as far as your own imagination and budget allows. You do not have to have the most elaborate coat or dress but you should look the part of the character you intend to play.

Armor Threshold

     All armor provides a Threshold (damage reduction).  Additionally, the weapon must hit the armor in order for Threshold to take effect. Simply put, the more you cover your body with armor, the better protected you are. Regardless of Threshold, there is a minimum of 1 damage taken even through armored body parts. 

     For example, a warrior is wearing a plate chest piece, but has leather greaves. If they are hit with a basic two handed sword in the torso they would call "Armor Threshold 4" and take minimum damage of 1. However if they are hit in the greaves with the same two-handed sword, 3 damage penetrates the leather's Threshold of 1, dealing 3 damage. 

Armor Threshold, although initially low, can be improved through the use of rare metals and better blacksmithing blueprints. Some materials can double or even triple a  Threshold while other improvements to armor can include extra defenses, better protection against spells and bullets, or similar bonuses.

Base Armor Threshold Table

Cloth & Robes
Leather & Hide
 Chain & Scalemail
 Metal & Brigandine
 Half & Full Plate

*These armors may be stacked together to increase your Threshold. 

Most firearms and all spells are not affected by Threshold as they naturally penetrate all but the strongest armor. If your wearing plate and your armor is hit with a projectile attack you are practically bulletproof and may call "Armor Threshold" against any attack that is not part of a skill  (You are not bulletproof against Heroic or Mastery projectile attacks unless the attackers damage does not bypass your plate armor's Threshold). When Threshold is applied in this way you instead suffer a 1 sec Daze each time you are hit. Bullets pierce all other armor except those made of extremely rare or unique materials.