Travelers of Ki'Mara

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What are Badges?

Badges are special stamps on your Passport (Character Sheet) granted by different staff members and allow you to get more involved in various aspects of the game, with (spoiler-free) privileges and responsibilities that grant you Service Point (SP) rewards and do not compromise your ability to play a PC. All badge-related duties are optional; possessing a badge does not obligate you to do any work, it simply makes it available to you. Please note that you can acquire as many badges as you like, but each requires a review process where we will make sure you know everything you need to know in order to help the staff in your chosen field.

Earning and Using Badges

The process for earning badges may be different for each badge type, worked out on a case-by-case basis with the staff members responsible for granting the relevant badges. In most cases, all prospective badge holders need to do is become familiar with the trappings of the department they are interested in joining; for example, Role-Play Badge holders must be certified by the Logistics Director and both Plot Directors as possessing a comprehensive understanding of the setting, so that they can properly judge the role-play, costumes, and scenery presented by players. 

Rewards for Badge Service are also handled on a case by case basis (some badge holders may earn Service Points for shifts taken helping out at events, some are considered on-shift all the time and simply earn a flat amount of SP for doing their job during an event, while still others will help with between-events work and their rewards will be more task-based. All rewards must be worked out in advance with the staff members who granted you the badge.

Please check out our Service Points system here for more information on earning and spending SP

Plot Badge

Granted By: Plot Directors

Description: A player with a Plot Badge can write and run staff-approved modules at weekend events, or write background content for the game. Essentially becoming a junior narrator, this offers you a chance to creatively influence the game, earn rewards for it, and continue to play.

Role-Play Badge

Granted By: Logistics Director, Plot Directors

Description: A player with a Roleplay Badge observes the players around them, and at the end of an event can hand out a limited amount of bonus XP out to players for exceptional role-playing, costuming, and decoration observed in the field.

Rules Badge

Granted By: Rules Team Storytellers

Description: A player with a Rules Badge is qualified to adjudicate rules-based issues that arise during events in the absence of a qualified member of staff. These players may also be asked for feedback regarding issues being debated by the rules team.

Logistics Badge

Granted By: Logistics Director

Description: A player with a Logistics Badge can earn rewards for helping the staff with prop, costume, or scenery build projects in between events, and/or can take Logistics shifts at events during which they help with set-up/break-down of scenery. 

Operations Badge

Granted By: Operations Director

Description: A Player with an Operations Badge aides the game in a technological capacity, receiving rewards for taking on duties during or between events that may involve social media, database entry, website management, and other aspects of the game.

Coordination Badge

Granted By: Staff Coordinator

Description: A Player with a Coordination Badge can earn rewards for assisting the Staff Coordinator with organizational tasks, including the managing of schedules and contacts, or helping to ensure orderliness and productivity in Logistics during events. 

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