Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Roleplay and Costuming Requirements

  • Balicai require makeup to make their face and exposed skin look scaly.
  • You must wear a partial or full lizard face prosthetic, or veil to obscure your nose.

Roleplay and Costume Tips

  • Balicai may have a tail, however, not all Balicai are born with one. Tails are strictly cosmetic and do not count for hits during combat.
  • Balicai wear traditional clothing of India including the Sari, Choli, Lungi and Sherwani.

Racial Benefits

  • You gain the skill First Aid for no experience cost.
  • You begin with 20 random magical components.
  • Lizard Limbs: When your limbs are restrained or grappled, you may call "Shed Limb”, leaving your limb in your opponent's grasp while you escape. The limbs may be regenerated after a short rest.


"If there were no fault, there would be no pardon."

                                                                                                    - Hisstnar the Wise

Racial Description

The Balicai are a race of lizard kin native to Amara. Before the arrival of humans they were an amalgamation of several cultures spanning the continent and included traditions that were thousands of years old. The Balicai once built cities of stone and clay and worshipped the spirits of their ancestors. They are the first race to master the wheel and made many advances in farming and animal husbandry. The Balicai wear elaborate clothing of gold collars and bracelets, feathers, and fine silks for theatre and arts but favor lose fitting garbs that are more pleasant in hot and humid climates for everyday life. Female Balicai traditionally wear a tight fitting blouse and an unstitched cloth robe that can be up to nine yards in length. Males wear skirts or lose fitting pants that are knotted around the waist and occasionally wear long coat like garments similar to an Amaran doublet.

Their species would eventually be decimated by disease. Though the Harena had interacted with the Balicai for well over a century, and in some ways owed their lives to the lizard race, they were a small population that adapted alongside the Balicai. When Amarans came fleeing in masses the initial villages and refugee camps were infected with sickness. The Balicai once again tried to aid the humans but paid dearly for their generosity. Common sickness became a deadly plague overnight and within a year many Balicai cities were ghosts of their former population or wiped out all together. 

Most Balicai are fearful of traveling to Ki’mara for what other plagues might exist, but for those who do travel and return it is considered a great pilgrimage. A year in Ki’mara is a sign of good fortune and any Balicai who performs it can return home to great prosperity and respect. They are allowed to wear the mark of the blessed and are treated like royalty

Relations with Other Races

  • Amaran: They killed our ancestors with what we now know of as disease. Like rodents, they crawled into our cities of old along the forests and coastlines spreading their plague. We trade with them now only to stay alive.
  • Odun: They are people of water, we are people of the desert. Yet we understand each other. The gods bless and protect us both.
  • Harena: They came with us years ago. We have shown them our ways, they are our closest allies. We share everything with them and they us.
  • Ecferus: We have for the most part acted as ambassadors to their many tribes. Some see us as monsters of old others honor us as near gods.
  • Pallidus: We have no need for laborers who will not survive in our home.
  • Dwarves: They bring a new plague to this world, best we keep our distance.
  • Arachnis: They act like friends to us but there is still something about their nature we do not trust.

Restricted Race

You must demonstrate that you can provide a reasonable means of costuming for this race. These are generally not recommended for first time players and may require more expensive prosthetic or makeup to represent properly. If you intend to play them at your first event please contact us to submit your proposal (pictures of your intended costume and make-up are recommended). We will never refuse a character as long as you are willing to work with us in developing them. We allow players to walk-in as any of these races but please be aware of the expectations and possibilities in doing so.