Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Creating Your Character

"This is not a journey of self-discovery. Living on the road will hone you like a keenly edged knife. 

If you are searching for purpose, remember: you do not find yourself here; you create yourself.

                                                                                                         Caravan Councilman, Roger Thume - "The Caravaneer's Code"

This guide is designed to help you create your character step by step.

Step One ~ Character Name and Motivation

Who is the person you are portraying? How is your character different than you? Are they a hero or someone just trying to get by in the world? What goals do they have and what are they willing to do to obtain those aspirations? Where do they come from? Do they abide by laws and social practices or are they more of a rebel? Every character has stats and numbers, but it’s up to you to bring them to life. These answers will come naturally to some players but we recommend everyone start thinking about it now. 

Now, with all of those thoughts on your mind, select a Character Background that goes with your concept. Backgrounds offer unique perks or event-based benefits but also help to ground you in Ki'maran Lore. This might be the profession your character was before joining the caravan or simply where they were at in life. You may only choose one background and this choice cannot be undone even if you later retrain your character.

Step Two ~ Choose Your Race

Each race has its own benefits, social ideals, roleplaying, and costume requirements. Your race defines where you come from and common stereotypes you will face.

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Humans with a taste for technology. They have established a large empire with vast cities and wealth.
A race of servant elves with snow white skin. They are a noble and studious people.
Northerners that live in a clan society. They have a dangerous outward appearance and strong family bonds.
Desert dwelling humans that live with magic in daily society. They admire beauty and passion.
Lizardkin from a near extinct empire. They live in the deep desert and do not often deal with outsiders.
Elves that reside all over Ki'mara in distinct tribes. Some have joined the caravan as guides and emmisaries
Post magic-apocalypse bunker survivors. They have begun to repopulate and inhabit the surface of Ki'mara.
A young and naive race of spiderkin. They seek to be a part of society and not branded as monsters.
* Restricted: You must demonstrate that you can provide a reasonable means of costuming for this race. These are generally not recommended for first time players and may require more expensive prosthetic or makeup to represent properly. If you intend to play them at your first event please contact us to submit your proposal (pictures of your intended costume and make-up are recommended). We will never refuse a character as long as you are willing to work with us in developing them. We allow players to walk-in as any of these races but please be aware of the expectations and possibilities in doing so.

Step Three ~ Choose Your Path

Every character begins with access to the Traveler Path. The skills on this list can be important and useful to characters in all walks of life. You must also choose a primary path. This path defines how you will play the game and what skills you will have access to throughout your character's adventure. Eventually you may pick up a secondary path as a hobby, or even choose unique specializations, but for now just worry about your first path. Each one brings a unique set of skills to the table, and provides a different way to play the game. Check out the Path overview page for more details on advanced character options such as advancing to journeyman tier skills, hobbies, and specializations. 

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A weapons expert and martial powerhouse. The warrior path offers a variety of skills that improve your ability to fight with melee weapons, improve your toughness, and defend allies.
A scoundrel with skills for any job. The outlaw path gives you access to stealth, burglary, the ability to deal extra damage with melee weapons, and skills that increase your wealth through ill gains.
A firearms master and scientific genius. The mastermind has access to inventions, skills that improve your ability to use firearms, and powerful mutations that unleash beastial prowess and supernatural powers.
An adept of arcane secrets. Mage gives you the unlimited power of magic, and access to arcane traditions that allow you to master the elements, become an arch mage, or heal your allies.
A scion of the old world. The shaman has access to a plethora of voodoo tools, the ability to attack while concealed, and skills that improve your ability to deal damage with archery. 

Step Four ~ Purchase Skills

You begins with 20 XP to purchase skills from your Primary Path or the Traveler Path. These skills are not purchased simultaneously and represent the experience that you have gained before joining the caravan. What this means is that you may purchase skills that require other skills so long as you meet all of those requirements when your character is finalized. For example, if your primary path was warrior, you could purchase Two Weapon Fighting and then purchase Twin Strike which lists Two-Weapon Fighting as a requirement.

This is also a good time to add up your Hit Points. Everyone gains 1 HP per level and starts with a specific amount based on their Race and Path.

Step Five ~ Starting Gear

You may begin play with any item that you have an appropriate physical representation for including weapons and armor. You may start with a maximum of 2 firearms in this manner and all of your gear is made of basic materials. You also receive an envelope of assorted items that are chosen at random in advance. 

Step Six ~ Write a Character History

You do not need to have a 20 page memoir. A page or short paragraph about something that happened to them will help you realize part of the role you're playing. Histories are not required, but highly recommended, and allow for storytellers to occasionally use these elements in the game world or for personal storylines.

Remember that you're just starting out in the world. What is the point in telling the story of Sir John the Dragon Slayer if everything amazing happened to him before he met his first friend on the caravan? Wouldn’t you rather tell the story of the poor peasant John who learned the meaning of taking a life at a young age and strives to eventually slay a dragon and earn that title?

Character Submission Form

If you wish to submit your character in advance please use the form provided below. We will review each character submission and email you when your character has been approved. A Plot Director or Storyteller may contact you to make corrections or ask you questions about your character while it is in the review process. Please be patient as we receive many emails each day! If you want to check on your submission status, use the Contact Us form on this website.

* denotes a required field

When choosing skills, please do not add your Racial, Path, or Background Skills. These will be added automatically based on the Race, Path, and Background you choose. (This includes the additional 4XP if you do not choose a background)

Thank you for submitting your character! We will contact you soon to confirm your character's passport.
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What If I Don't Like My PC After Playing Them?

When you make a new character you have 3 months to decide if you like your choices and wish to keep playing them. If you decide you would like to play something else you may transfer all XP earned thus far to a completely new character or make minor changes to them at the discretion of the staff. You may immediately spend half of this total to a minimum of 20 on this new PC and retain the rest as unspent XP in addition to however much XP you would gain for the event you choose to rebuild them.

Gear and Items may be sold for their standard value and the money is given to you as sovereigns that may be used to purchase new gear (within reason) or kept as currency. Additionally, some items may have to remain in play and will be given to the Caravan Master or appropriate faction leader. You may never retire more than one character into the same PC.