Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Death and Dying

Down, Disabled, and Dying

When an attack drops you to 0 or fewer hit points you are considered to be Down. 

  • When you are in the Down status, You must roleplay being badly wounded and are no longer able to attack or defend yourself effectively. You are unable to use any skills, but may still use potions or similar items. While Down you are in extreme pain and are unable to run or walk; you can move, but only by crawling. 
If you are Down for 2 minutes or take any further damage you become Disabled.

  • When you are in the Disabled status, you are unconscious and unable to perceive anything that is happening around you. You are immune to mental effects and damage. 
If you are Disabled for 8 minutes you start Dying. 

  • When you are in the Dying status, you are more difficult to heal, but otherwise follow the same rules as the Disabled status. You are considered bleeding out, or otherwise beginning to succumb to your injuries. 
If you are Dying for 5 minutes you Die.

Once you have died, you may at any time stand back up and become a spirit. Your body bursts into flames destroying flammable materials (wooden objects, paper money, etc) and leaves behind any non-flammable items. You put on a blue headband and are considered invisible to anyone without the ability to see spirits. 

At this point seek out a staff member who can guide you through the afterlife. After you have found a staff member you may 
return to the world of the living through consecrated ground (Meliae Shrines or Amaran Chapels).

Killing Strike

Anybody is able to perform a Killing Strike on a Down, Disabled, Dying, or otherwise helpless opponent. Call Killing Strike 3 times, slowly and loudly enough to be heard 10 feet away. (Killing Strike 1, Killing Strike 2, Killing Strike 3). After the fifth count, call regular weapon damage. Your opponent immediately dies.

Character Death

If you die it may not be the end. In Ki’mara resurrection after death can be a natural part of a lifecycle. Something is keeping your spirit in this world and you are able to burst forth from flames like a phoenix. You are exactly as you remember yourself and materialize at the same age.

You may also choose to pass to the other side and create a new character. If you do, you retain some of your experience points as follows:

  • On your 1st death you retain 85% of your XP if you make a new PC at this time. 
  • On your  2nd death you retain 65% of your XP if you make a new PC at this time. 
  • On your  3rd death you retain 35% of your XP if you make a new PC at this time. 
  • On your  4th death you must make a new character with no extra XP.

Additionally, any player may reincarnate one of their characters while retaining 100% of their XP. You may use this upon their death as long as it is not their 4th death. You may only do this once ever among all of your characters.