Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Roleplay and Costuming Requirements

  • All male Dwarves have beards. A Dwarf male must wear a full sized prosthetic beard. We do accept full real life beards as a substitute.

Roleplay and Costume Tips

  • Dwarves are not used to sunlight and feel general discomfort when out on a sunny day.
  • Most Dwarves believe the world itself to be completely alive, and that lava is the blood of the world.
  • Entire cities have been lost by Dwarves encountering “Ant Colonies” of giant human sized ants. For this reason, most Dwarves fear giant insectoid races.

Racial Benefits

  • You gain the skill Appraise Common Items at no experience cost.
  • You begin with 15 Invention components.
  • Stability: You are immune to the Prone effect. You may call “Stability, Immunity” whenever you are hit with an attack that would knock you prone. This does not defend against other effects of an attack.


"We are but what the ground beneath our feet made us."

                                                                                                                     - King Malorick

Racial Description

The Great War of old changed no race quite like the Dwarves. They were known to be sturdy, strong, stalwart, and stubborn, but the race made the choice to flee underground to wait out the tide of war. After claiming the underground as their home, the Dwarves built an expansive empire. Their elaborate cities, built of stone, spread hundreds of miles and thousands of feet below Ki’mara.

As of recent their cities have begun to crumble. Due to degrading technological advancements and deteriorating devices from their ancestors they relied on, the Dwarves have been unable to rebuild where they once ruled unchallenged. This has incited the Dwarves we see on the surface to evacuate their former homes searching for ways to rebuild. The Dwarves who choose to come to the surface are immediately infected by "the fungus." “The fungus” is an inactive bacterial parasite that lives within all Dwarves, obtained originally when they built their first underground civilizations. 

Once Dwarves come into contact with sunlight, the once dormant fungus is awakened and begins to feed on sunlight. This awakening is not harmful to all Dwarves at first, however, this new bacterial strain is very deadly to any Dwarf who has not had prolonged exposure to sunlight. For this reason alone, once any Dwarf encounters sunlight and survives, they may never return home for it would surely mean extinction to the Dwarven population.

Relations with Other Races

  • Amaran: They are our main allies on the surface. We share our technology and allow them to claim many inventions as their creations. This keeps the eyes of the world firmly fixed on them. While we slowly explore the surface making ready for the day we reclaim what is ours.
  • Odun: Loudmouth braggarts descended from fishwives & drunks.
  • Harena: Their spices are as varied as our opinion of them.
  • Ecferus: They do not trust us. They believe that which they cannot see should not be trusted. They rebuke technology. They are primitives.
  • Pallidus: They are the strong arms of those who can afford their services. Nothing more than thugs with good table manners.
  • Balicai: We have no cities under the shifting sands of the new world. They have come with the Amarans to explore our roofs. I have seen them lend aid when asked to our people.
  • Arachnis: Keep them creepy things away from us!