Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Event Prices

The following fees apply to all regular weekend long events. 

1-day events, and special events are covered on their respective event pages.

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Regular Entry Fee for 1 Adult (18+):

Regular Entry Fee for Ages 14-17:
(You must have your ID on you at all times if you are under the age of 18)

First Event Discount (Only applies to your first full-weekend event):
(subtract this amount from your regular event fee)

NPCing an Entire Event:
You gain 1 XP for your main character for every shift you complete when attending an event for free. (Max: 5 XP)

Purchasing Experience Points:
You may purchase 2 Experience Points once per event.

Gift Cards: 
You may purchase a gift card until 1 week before an event. This can be redeemed at the beginning of any regular event.

Game Referral: 
If you bring a new player you will receive a coupon for 3 XP and $5 off admission to your next event. (You may use one game referral coupon per event.)
1 Year Membership:
Membership fees are collected after your 3rd event. This is a mandatory annually recurring cost. This fee helps to cover insurance costs and protect our players. Each year your membership dues will be due at the first event you attend following the anniversary of your first year's payment.

All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept Checks of any kind.

Additional Event Options

Pre-Registering an Event

You may pre-register a regular event for $40. If you pre-register for 5 or more events you get your 6th event free. (Flat Rate of $200. That’s $40 a ticket + 1 gift card.) Pre-Registration may be required at some game locations which will be mentioned in the event announcements.

Playing for Half an Event

Tickets are $20 per person if you wish to arrive at an event 3 pm on Saturday or later. Anyone wishing to arrive late should notify the Assistant Director or Logistics DIrector in advance. You must still perform a Camp Cleanup and a 2 hour NPC shift when you play for half an event.

Cast Character
You can pay $20 to play a pre-made higher level NPC for the weekend as though they were your own character. You may play a cast character in any way you like as long as you follow the outline of the role you are given. At times, you must follow the directions of the Storyteller who assigned you the role which may include the eventual demise of your NPC. You will receive 10 XP for your regular character for each event that you play a Cast Character. On occasion a Cast Character may be available to play for free if needed. There are a limited number of slots available for Cast Characters at each event.