Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Flora and Fauna

“While I am now in my mid sixties this little old lady has lived quite a life.

 I now sit in my little cottage looking out the window thinking and dreaming of what other wonders lay out my door waiting to be discovered. In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration after all. 

It is my fondest wish that you, hearty Traveler use this field guide to your benefit and add to its pages for others."

                                                                                                                    -Leslie St. John, "A Guide to the Creatures of Ki'Mara"

The Fallen

Angel-like beings of great power. They look human with large black raven style wings located on their back. Their black on black eyes reflect their soulless nature. Their hands from the mid forearm down are skinless and red with blood. Their fingers are clawed with black talon like fingernails.

Folklore: They can be destroyed but it takes a great amount of damage to accomplish this feat. They seem to wonder the open world but are attracted to large amounts of magic stone. Rumor -They are failed demi god like beings  of human or greater intelligence.

Kea Birds

Large Parrot like bird found near mountains of the old world.

Folklore: These large playful birds travel in packs. They are by far the smartest birds in the world. They are fully capable of dismantling mastermind devices left unattended for long periods of time. They often travel along side a caravan feeding on the wasted food scraps left behind.

Giant Ants

Are a large human size insectoid creature with six legs and a set of mandibles.

Folklore: These are quite dangerous to unwary travelers as they are very good at sneaking around in caves then quickly moving to strike with their leap attack. Dwarves are their primary predator and their main food sources is the deadly White Spores.


Giant Red Ants

White Spores

What seems like a mushroom patch is actually a swarm of ravenous and territorial fungi. Believed to be relatively mindless, carnivorous mushroom swarms seek to knock down and devour trespassers on their patch.

Folklore: They are most notability issue for dwarves or anyone seeking underground passages. They grown very fast if left unchecked.


Flying reptilian with flame producing venom sacks.

Folklore: They are wild beasts that produce a flame that can burn though near anything. There are two glands located in the throat area that gives them their abilities. Before the advent of modern technology using the hillatite stones Dragon oil was used to fuel and light homes of the day. Now hunted to near extinction. It is a crime to kill one in Amara, however it is a big game sport in the old world of Ki’Mara. "Think Whaling" Red,Yellow,Black,Green,Gold are the only know colors of dragons. They are listed from most to least common.


Are powerful, majestic creatures with the characteristics of both lions and eagles. From nose to tail, an adult griffon can measure as much as 8 feet. Neither males nor females are endowed with a mane. A griffon cannot speak, but seems to understand most languages.

As that of a nine year old world.

Folklore: These beings diet was mostly horses until the mass die off, now they feed on humans and other beings of similar size.

Grizzly Bears

Lage bears that roam the untamed wilderness

Folklore:  Are found in temperate to arctic forested and mountainous areas Grizzly bears will attack weakest enemy first, unless engaged by another opponent. Otherwise, they will engage nearest threat; threat determined by amount of damage dealt to them by that player. They will pursue fleeing enemies.


These mysterious creatures are sentient scraps of cloth, leather, and metal of unknown origin. Some say that they are formed from the remnants of magical cloaks, boots, and weapons, when these are worn out and discarded. Others claim that vile sorcery and twisted magic is creating these animated creatures.Ragamuffins prefer to fight by possessing a host. They do this by physically wrapping themselves around their target like cloth around a mummy.

Folklore: Ragamuffins speak no known language, though they understand Common. They seem driven to create more of their own kind, but they must use others to do so, forcing their hosts to destroy enchanted clothing and perform a quick, silent rite that somehow creates another ragamuffin. Whether or not the ragamuffins serve the mage who created them is an open question; some say that their drive to create more of their kind is only a preparation to overrun humanity. Once they have dominated a creature ragamuffins almost never harm their hosts directly. However, they do force their hosts to kill, to steal, or cause mischief (like the destruction of valuable magical items). Unfortunately, the hosts are always left to face the consequences (having been freed by the ragamuffin) when things go wrong. Because their actions are planned and directed to a definite goal, some sages believe that ragamuffins serve the ends of their creators.


Are savage people who roam the old world.

Folklore: They are descendants of one of the two lost great journey ships but no one knows which one for sure. They attack and steal supplies from Caravans. They suffer from mental and physical diseases.

Spy Spiders

Are small, arachnid-like constructs, and are very common in the labs of Masterminds.

Folklore: They will often be found working on rocks or other objects when found in the field. The spy Spider might come out of "nowhere", as they use holes in the walls to engage their enemy, so watch out while exploring for small shuttles in the walls. They are very agile and will attack at first sight, using a variety of leg attacks, as well as a short-range jolt of power coming from a magic stone mounted in the head area.

The Ludis

Zombie like beings that eat human flesh.

Folklore: A shaman by the name of Lucas “The penniless” Brandon trying to get rich quick as well as pay off his mounting debts created and was shortly thereafter killed by the Luddis. The Luddis is a small self replicating being of low human level intelligence. They seem to only be able to eat flesh. They can often be located by the piles of undigested bones left in piles here where they den.

Enemy Tribes of Wild Elves

Many tribes of wild elves are scattered across the content of Ki’Mara.

Folklore: There are many tribes to this race of elves ranging from 30 members to around 200 members. Not all take kindly to Caravans passing through their hunting grounds or being in Ki'mara in general. They will attack their own race of a rival Tribe with no concern. They are easily provoke if the caravan in question has removed or disturbed resources in the area.

A Tick- "Slang term"

Unlike all other monsters a tick does not come from without but from within the caravan.

Folklore: It is a person who has contracted a disease of the mind and has gone untreated for too long. At this stage it is no longer possible to cure. This person becomes ravenous with hunger consuming food water until the point of dieing. This is a major threat to the caravan in winter time. Ticks can be easily IDed by their inability to talk and there unstoppable need to feed and attack those who in peed their desire to consume. Most people who contact this are adventurers into the wasteland.

The Assassin Vine

is a semi-mobile plant that collects its own grisly fertilizer by grabbing and crushing animals and depositing the carcasses near its roots. A mature plant consists of a main vine. Smaller vines up to 5 feet Long. These small vines bear clusters of leaves, and in late summer they produce bunches of small fruits that resemble wild grapes. The fruit is tough and has a hearty but bitter flavor. Assassin vine berries make a heady wine. An assassin vine can move about, albeit very slowly, but usually stays put unless it needs to seek prey in new vicinity. These plants have thin, wiry stems and gray leaves shot through with silver, brown, and white veins so that they resemble mineral deposits. An assassin vine growing underground usually generates enough offal to support a thriving colony of mushrooms and other fungi, which spring up around the plant and help conceal it. An assassin vine uses simple tactics: It lies still until prey comes within reach, and then attacks. It uses it’s entangle ability both to catch prey and to deter counterattacks.

Folklore: They are only found in the old world, they are often discovered near caves or streams.

The Breein

Are like bogeymen--threats to frighten children who misbehave, or tales to tell around the campfire.

Folklore: It is said that they rarely appear and, when they do, they are usually alone. The Breein are said to be clad in tattered robes and rags of dark grey and brown; their heads and faces fully covered. Very few people claim to have seen their faces and it is whispered that they may not be humans at all. The Breein are the stuff of legends and their name terrifies most people. They are fast, stealthy, strong and unpredictable, and they have been known to appear before times of great upheaval. They prefer fighting with knives and have perfected a fighting style with these short blades that is unrivaled by any other. In addition, they are rumored to have strange black powder weapons that are unlike those produced or used by any other groups. No one knows where their homeland is, and no one knows what they are out to achieve. Whatever the case, the appearance of The Breein is always a cause for great concern and speculation --only the most foolish would attempt to block their path.


Insects scrabble like

Folklore: Rumors abound that these insects were bred and released into the world by a Shaman gone mad. It is also said that they are part spirit, but it is just as likely that they are a natural phenomenon. They are a boon however to Herbalists because the small beetles consume and store errant magical energy from the environment around them. When they are gorged, the power can be drawn out. By a shaman. It has been noted in recent years


Ki’maran Wolves are not actually wolves at all.

Folklore: Large hulking shadows bigger than most large men, they dwell on the fringes of civilization, eating garbage and rotten things. Ki’mara Wolves are rarely seen except at dusk and dawn. At a distance, they look like heavy yet graceful black shadows accented with white or red gleaming eyes and an occasional flash of bony teeth or claws. Ki’mara Wolves usually leave humans alone, content with living off of trash, but when cornered or threatened they will defend themselves savagely. In rare circumstances they have been known to attack humans when they are hungry or when they catch a person alone or unaware, so too many in one area is considered a threat. As a result, they are often hunted or driven away when they are spotted.

Under Dwellers

Generic term for harmful beings that live underground. Insult used to describe Dwarves.

Folklore: Ki’Mara is a continent that has witnessed many ages. It has seen the construction and loss of multitude of cities, which has left the world full of ruins. These buried networks of buildings and caves sprawl for miles beneath the surface of the earth. These ecosystems sometimes give birth to strange creatures--overgrown lizards, spiders, and insects as well as a host of other strange and rarely seen life. These creatures are usually spotted when humans venture into ruins and caves, but they occasionally wander out on their own. They are seen as both curiosity and threat, so they are typically driven back or killed.


Entities or beings that live in a plane of existence near our own They were never alive in our world.

Folklore: Spirits are very real in the world. Their existence and relationship with human beings is the basis for the magic, as well as more primitive. Spirits come in many forms and vary wildly. Some are friendly, while others are aggressive. Some seem to exist entirely in the material world, while others are wispy and incorporeal, only glimpsed out of the corner of the eye.

The only thing that is true of all spirits is that they are creatures of magic in the same way that humans are creatures of matter. They are more attuned to the world they see, the one held together by Magic, than they are by our ‘reality.’ Spirits that interact with humans are often teachers or pranksters; they adopt personalities that seem larger than life and behave like caricatures of the traits they embody. Most spirits that humans encounter seem to embody the abstract side of something in reality: a type of Animal, a place, a concept or an emotion. Spirits can be dangerous, helpful, or something in between.


Did live at one point in our world

Folklore: People with unfinished business that never fully reincarnated into the next life.ghosts, specters, lost souls of the departed, The word ghost is a commonly accepted term that is defined as the spirit of a person who has died. Another term is lost soul. Some people, when they pass, tend to stay around the area of their passing, bringing about a “haunted” house, room, or other living space. Others decide to watch over their living loved ones wherever they go, dubbing them as guardian angels. A Ghost cannot cross a line of salt nor a line of brick dust.


Beings that live for death.

Folklore: These creatures are the embodiment of death. When something dies within The wasteland, threads of magic take the act of death, the emotion of death, and turn into an unconscious being thats only drive is to recreate the act, over and over again.


Glowing energy orbs that float about in the deep woods

Folklore: Wisps are ancient spirits of nature that inhabit the forestlands of Ki’Mara. Legends say that Wisps are actually the disembodied spirits of deceased elves, but these rumors have yet to be proven.

Witches & Warlocks

These beings while human looking are in fact a sub race of evaluation that never took hold.

Folklore: They have weakness to salt, the various signs a witch is near (cream going sour, bread not rising), the nailing of the footprints they leave in the ground causing pain, It is rumored that they can utilize the fat of an unbaptized child being used for limited flight.They have been seen crushing and eating magic stones as a food source, somthing that would kill anyone els.

Gremlore aka Gremlins

One of the most often encountered and yet least understood beings from the Waste Lands.

FolkLore: Folklorists have shown little enthusiasm for documenting the Gremlin, possibly due to its contemporary nature as they travel mostly inside the Waste Lands. These beings disdain all types of technology and are hated and feared by all masterminds on the frontier. They have the ability to with a touch bring the most well built pieces of technology to its knees.


Large cats that roam the wilderness

Folklore:  The legendary white lion was once thought to be a figment of one's imagination until less than fifty years ago, when white lion cubs were discovered. They are not albino as they do have pigmentation in vital parts such as they eye, paw and lip. Their condition is called leucism meaning they only have pigmentation loss in the skin and fur.


Poor souls that have been infected with the horrible disease known as Lycanthropy. Though no one knows where the disease originated, it is known that there are two different types. Ferals, also called Lupines by many, and Morphers also called Shifters. Rumors have spread that Silver is the way to put these beasts down for good; however, they are just rumors.


Are those who have been infected with lycanthropy and have lost themselves to the beast within. What was once human is gone replaced by a fierce beast. They appear as a man-wolf, standing on two dog like legs with elongated arms. They can walk and run both bipedal and quadrupedal. Alone they can be a fearsome thing to deal with. However, Lupines tend to run in small packs much like wolves.

Folklore: It is believed that Lycanthropy came about by a Shaman experiments with Voodoo Spirits and Alchemy while trying to garner the aid of a wolf spirit. This shaman had a captured a wolf, and during his experiments the wolf managed to bite the hand of the shaman. After his experiments had failed he let the wolf go. It was just before the New Moon when this had happened. As the moon vanished in the sky, something in the shaman changed. It is unknown if it was due to the experiment, or perhaps a side effect of the bite mixed with the alchemical concoction, the end result was the first werewolf.


Are humans whom have been bitten by a werewolf, but have been treated by a chichurgen (Shaman) quickly enough to stop them from becoming a Feral. Shifters are human and retain their humanity, however upon the coming of the cycle of the New Moon they morph into a werewolf and would be indistinguishable from a 


A man, cursed by a God to be half man and half bull. A Minotaur is covered in fur, which can be a number of different colors, all of which are the same color of bovines. They walk on two strong sturdy legs that end in hooves. Both male and female Minotaur have long sharp horns that end no less than a foot higher than their heads. Their neck and shoulders are quite wide and rippling with muscle, to absorb the shock or a “Bull Rush” or charge. Often times they are seen with rudimentary weapons such as clubs, or tree branches. Adventurers that have slain one have often said when they die they can see the intelligence in the eyes of the beast before its life ends.

Folklore: A humble farmer upset that he and his wife couldn't conceive a child, decided he would make an offering to the Meliae of the Sun who represents life. However, being a farmer he was unable to afford a mighty sacrifice. Nor could he get to a shrine to make the offering. Thus, the humble farmer sacrificed a Bull to the Meliae of the Sun. This would not have irritated the God in and of itself, however, how the farmer made the sacrifice is what angered the Meliae. Hey threw the bulls body into a fire. The God of the Sun, furious that in his idiocy the farmer made a sacrifice in his name to a Lesser God cursed the man and his wife to share the likeness of the beast in which he used as sacrifice. As a side note, the farmer and his wife, now both Minotaur, we able to conceive, and did many times.


Large birds worshiped by the wild elves of the old world

Folklore: These birds can infact carrier a human in their claws and have been known to eat people when cows oxen and similar animals are scarce.


Giants are extremely large humanoid beings. There are a number of different types of Giants. These types are: Cyclops, Hill Giants, Sea Giants, Inferno Giants, Ice Giants, and Storm Giants (also known as Titans). They range in size and intelligence; generally it is believed that the larger they are the more intelligent they are.


Generally, grow to about 9 to 15 feet tall, and are very stupid and brutish.

Hill Giants

While slightly smarter than their one eyed cousins, are still fairly stupid. They have a rudimentary form of communicat

ion, and can lay basic traps. They have been seen between 10 and 20 feet tall.

Inferno Giants and Ice Giants: These two groups of Giants have been seen to be as tall as 30 feet. These giants seem to be diametrically opposed to each other as well. When they have been witnessed together, they were seen fighting each other to what appeared to be the death.

Sea Giants and Storm Giants: Sea and Storm Giants have been seen as tall at 32 feet. Like their fiery and frosty cousins, the Sea and Storm Giants also fight each other with vehemence when together. There are stories of Boats being harassed by Sea Giants, and of odd travelers holding full conversations with Storm Giants.


Bodies of people left in the wasteland.

Folklore: When a person dies in the wasteland, their souls may move on but their material body will stay within the wastes. Life essence creeps back into the body little by little, eventually animating the body once more. This is not Uncle Harold no more. Hallowed know only very small things from their former life, mimicking their habits and daily processes, like Uncle harold walking with his cane. Some sceptics believe this is the Hallowed trying to become whole again. Anyone that tries to interact with these creatures will be perceived as a threat, although they are not malicious.