Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Game Policies

These policies should be followed at all times. They regard general behavior expected of players and are put forth for your safety and enjoyment.

Our Unspoken Oath 

Safety consciousness, good sportsmanship, encouraging and respecting your fellow players, a sense of community, and new experiences are all part of the Travelers of Ki’Mara spirit. This game depends partly on the organization of the storytellers and game leaders, but the success of a live-action role-playing game depends upon the involvement and interest generated by you. The primary purpose of Travelers of Ki’Mara is to provide fun and entertainment. As with any game, competition is healthy and can add extra excitement but should not be carried too far. Good sportsmanship and community is not only encouraged but expected. This game should never be used as a battleground for the resolution of personal conflicts or grudges between individuals. If you believe at any point that someone is not respecting this oath we ask that you contact a member of staff.

The Honor System 

Honesty plays an integral part of this game. It is important that everyone obey the rules and encourage others to play fair. By becoming a member of Travelers of Ki’Mara you acknowledge a responsibility to uphold the honor system. Players who flagrantly break rules and cheat will be removed from play, suspended, or removed from the game. Players who notice others not taking their hits, ignoring rules and prohibitions, or otherwise playing their own version of the game should report it to logistics. The responsibility of creating a fun atmosphere begins with the individual. 

The Intent of the Rules

No sourcebook can adjudicate every situation that may arise at an event. Taking advantage of loopholes or interpreting the rules for personal gain can only be seen as destructive; looking for a way out of or around a rule is equally as bad as breaking the rule. The descriptions of each skill or spell has been made as complete as possible. Players should recognize and play by the description and the implicit intention of the skill or spell. The rule of intent does not discourage creative ways of working within the rules nor does it mean that rules are fixed in stone. Any problems in the rules should be brought to the attention of logistics. 

Cleanup Duty 

At the end of an event each player is responsible for assisting with cleanup of the game site. You will be assigned a Cleanup Duty by the Head of Logistics or Director at the beginning of each event. Failure to perform your Cleanup Duty suspends any XP that you earn for that event. You may regain this XP at the end of then next event you attend by performing an additional Cleanup.


Any item that has In-Game significance can be stolen from your character including armor, weapons, and items that may be worth sovereigns. When a character steals a prop, he is expected to treat it gently and do his best to keep it from getting damaged. We discourage bringing extremely rare, valuable or delicate items into game. If you do bring them they should be used as decoration and not given IG value. It is against the rules to take any item that is being used as decoration or does not have any value In-Game (an associated item card). You should never enter another players sleeping area to search for things to steal without a Storyteller or Narrator present.  

Taking any OOG items (cell phones, wallets, and other personal belongings) for any reason will result in an immediate and permanent expulsion from the game and could result in criminal charges. 

PvP (Player Character vs. Player Character) 

When living in a "wild west" frontier anything can and often will happen. If you choose to take PvP actions you must stay IG until the end of the event and be ready to face the consequences of your actions if you’re caught by other characters. Failure to remain in-game may result in deaths being removed from your victims and any stolen items returned without the crime or events that transpire from your actions being revoked.  

While character drama is encouraged we want to remind you to keep your actions IG and always respect others outside of game. Anyone who unreasonably attacks or "ganks" other players for their own enjoyment or due to a real life dispute will be dealt with accordingly, up to and including permanent removal from the game. You should always let a storyteller know when you intend to be taking PvP actions, or seek one of us out to report PvP activity after it happens. This is by no means meant to dissuade you from or punish PvP but to protect both you and the other player or players involved. 

Event Participation and Age Limits 

Travelers of Ki’mara has a wide age range of players. To attend any event you must be at least 14 years of age and must sign our Event Participation Agreement. If you are under 18 your legal parent or guardian must also be present when signing our Event Participation Agreement; we will not accept a previously signed form. The Event Participation Form can be obtained at an event. You must also keep your ID on you at all times while at an event.


Travelers is a game that may deal with various mature concepts such as horror, religious conflict, injury, bigotry and various other taboo subjects. The game is intended for mature players and as such cursing is permitted but should not be done gratuitously. Slurs, derogatory or insulting statements towards any real world religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or disability will not be tolerated as in-game or out-of-game banter nor will sexual harassment of any kind be tolerated. You will be asked to leave an event without a warning if you excessively make others uncomfortable with your language or remarks.

Food Policy

Food is not provided by the game at this time but may be provided in the future. Players are responsible for feeding themselves and keeping hydrated during events. Eating In Character is fine but please keep all food wrappers and containers hidden (this includes soda bottles!) and never leave your trash for others to find. Eating OOG is acceptable, however you should remain outside of the area of play when doing so. During standard events we usually close Logistics and stop sending out NPCs for about an hour or two on Saturday evening to allow time for folks to eat dinner and not miss out on the adventure.

We do not encourage or endorse the exchange of real food for IG money or favors, and caution everyone against sharing food, bottles, and cups if you do not know where it has come from. The reason we have adopted this stance is to prevent you from getting sick or catching other food-born pathogens. These rules are always subject to change based on the venue we use.

Kitchen Policy

At some game locations we will have access to kitchens, refrigeration, and other areas that all members of the game can use to store or prepare food. When using these areas you must provide your own utensils and cookware, and clean up after yourself. Roleplaying and especially combat should remain outside of these areas which are considered OOG. Be respectful of other players when using kitchen areas and do not take more time than necessary. Failure to do so will result in a rules violation or losing your right to use these amenities.