Travelers of Ki'Mara

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"There is a story that you should not tell your children; for it will lead them to an early grave, I know.

About the land across the Vast and Trekless ocean; about the land where by this ship our fortunes go."

                                                                                 -Silas Finn, "Traveler's Hymn"

The Known World


The Amaran Continent


Lands of Ki'Mara

Terrain: Fertile Plain
Advantage: Ecferus Gardens (Food Commodities, Botanical Gear and Education)
A sort of capital city for various Ecferus tribes, Álfheimr is primarily made up of ancient structures and monuments built by the long-defunct Ecferus Nation in ages long past. Two large step pyramids dominate the skyline along with several other structures. The most striking feature is the gardens, which stretch on for miles and miles. Dotting the landscape around this city of flowers are glass hothouses and beehives. Foreigners are welcome but rarely enter the walled city.

City of Sparks
Terrain: Mountains, Plain
Advantage: Power Lines (Helatite Supply, Invention Gear and Education)
A true wonder of the world, this city’s roads and many of the smaller buildings are made from spent Helatite stones- all of Ki’Mara’s colonies contribute to the city’s massive need for the glowing rock. The city itself, standing as tall as any Amaran metropolis, is a testament to the incredible feats of the Imperial Corps of Engineers, who raised the city in much the same manner as they did the Palace of Parliament. Many masterminds in Ki’Mara gravitate there, but it is a paradise for mages as well, for the Helatite that powers their spells is always plentiful. 

Fort McBride
Terrain: Bay Access, Island Plain
Advantage: Hardware Stockpile (Mundane Components, Material Commodities) 
At the midway point between the massive colonies of Junaar and Stonebridge. This island fort watches over the massive, retractable train crossing on the Tengu Anga, and supplies all ships that traverse the mighty river or Brighton Bay. Master woodworkers and blacksmiths in the fort make most of the wagons and other equipment needed to launch great Caravans deep across Ki’Mara.

Gloomy Mountains
Terrain: Mountains, Riverside, Plain
Advantage: Mountain Caves (Ore Components, Mining Opportunities)
Not much is known about this region, so named for the massive, dark-grey clouds that perpetually gather around the peaks of the steep mountains, which become especially dense during storm season, turning day into night in the valleys below. The mountains are well-forested, and contain a massive cave system that runs throughout, some natural, others perhaps built by a long dead race. Strange, howling cries of colossal beasts that make their home in the mountains can be heard as far as Northport, but most say it is only the sound of wind rushing through the valleys and enormous tunnels. 

Terrain: Barren Swamp
Advantage: Dwarven Exiles (Services, Technological Gear and Education)
Deep beneath Loodlow Swamp, Dwarves live within a metropolis that has been separated from the rest of the network of underground cities due to fungal exposure. One of the first cities to be infected by the Fungus, Gorindon suffered a massive drop in population and was cut off from civilization as they knew it; but the survivors made do, and a large portion of the advanced city is still up and running due to the diligent efforts of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, failing power cells and the insidious swamp above claim portions of the city every year. Gorindon is the only Dwarven settlement that accepts surface-dwelling Dwarves as visitors or permanent residents. 

Junaar Colony
Terrain: Oceanfront, Mountains, Plain
Advantage: Military Supremacy (Secured Borders, Combat Gear and Education)
A force to be reckoned with, Junaar’s large sloped walls make it very difficult to lay siege to. Its battlements are dotted with cannons, and within its walls The Foreign Legion trains and equips their troops. Junaar’s purpose is to protect the other colonies- and if all else fails, to launch a war no known force in Ki’Mara could withstand. It is the only colony that has a standing army to maintain such, taxes the other colony resources greatly. 
Terrain: Lakefront, Rainforest
Advantage: Arachnis Bazaar (Silk Commodities, Tailoring Gear and Education)
Karnak is just a nickname for this massive super-hive of Arachnis- the actual name is unpronounceable by most humanoids. Considered by the known world to be a wonder, it amazes all that a fledgling race has been able to construct this marvel of engineering. Located in a large canyon, it is easily accessible by two major entrances from the surface. The homes are suspended up to 30 feet in the air. A great bazaar covered in white webbing takes up the northern entrances. Food, spices, silks of all kinds can be found therein, and the Arachnis love to trade with outsiders. A queen, “Rules-With-Wisdom”, maintains order within the woven city, and keeps the weave of history.

Terrain: Bay Access, Mountains, Plain
Advantage: Trade State (Any Commodities, Lucrative Trade Opportunities) 
There is a saying in Ki’Mara- “All Roads lead to Pirth”. Located at the midpoint between Stonebridge, The City of Sparks, and Fort McBride, this city is not technically part of any Amaran colony. It began as a trading post built within the ruin of an ancient city of unknown origin at the feet of the Gloomy Mountains, but has since become more of a metropolis, managed by a council of merchants of all different races who maintain control through economic superiority and cutthroat business practices. In the center of Pirth’s town square, a large black stone shard sticks out of the ground in stark contrast to the powdery chalk-like ruins of the ancient structures that surround it.

Terrain: Mountains, Wasteland
Advantage: Buried Treasure (Excavation Runs to acquire Gold and Advanced Tech)
A great underground city of the dwarves, said to be paved with gold. We only know of its splendor because 50 years ago a terrible earthquake rock the area and cracked the earth open. This in turn exposed part of the city and its hoard of wealth to the surface. Strange yellow gasses still come from the gap today, and the bodily remains of hundreds of dwarves who died in the disaster lie rotting in the exposed portion of the city. Those who were exposed and built houses on the surface, and later contributed to and chose to live in the City of Sparks nearby. Qui’vira itself has since fully recovered, but Dwarves still routinely leave home to take their chances on the surface.

Stonebridge Colony
Terrain: Oceanfront, Bay Access, Plain
Advantage: Trade State (Any Commodities, Lucrative Trade Opportunities)
The first colony built in Ki’Mara, Stonebridge is named after the ruins of a large stone bridge connecting the inner keep to the outer village of a long dead kingdom. The blocks of solid granite made for perfect stones to build this colony in record time. Stonebridge is the breadbasket for the other colonies; it manages farm lands that took many years to prepare for large scale agriculture. It also has a large harbor and a sea wall made from the remains of ancient stone structures. The archaeological evidence suggests that Stonebridge proper was once a capital city of the ancient human kingdom of Acheron.

Tantaku Village
Terrain: Bay Access, Deepwoods, Plain
Advantage: Underworld Ties (Illicit Goods and Services, Mercenary Employment)
Once a place of open trade and friendship for all Ecferus Elves, the Village of Tantaku has been transformed since the Amaran colonization. While still an Ecferus Village at heart, this sprawling wicker city of hastily constructed huts and cottages has become thoroughly immersed in Amaran culture, with bars and brothels on every corner to satisfy the needs of passing colonists. The village is still technically under the rule of the Tantaku tribe elders, but the Caravan Union has a strong hand in their decisions; Illicit goods and services can be procured there, away from the prying eyes and restrictive laws of Parliament. The very center of the city is accessible only to Ecferus, a law which is enforced with swift death as the only punishment for trespassers.

Tesorak Desert
Terrain: Desert, Mountains
Advantage: Resource Rich (Helatite and Salt, Industrial Opportunities)
Surrounded by a barren mountain range, the Tesorak plain is a place of constant drought and is home to very few living creatures. Two resources have drawn the attention of the Amaran Empire; massive salt deposits just beneath the surface, and occasional but preposterously lush deposits of Helatite. As such, the desert is a place of great industry in Ki’Mara, and tunnels have been built through the mountains to transport these much-needed goods to the rest of the continent.