Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Invention Schematics

When building inventions you need at the very least a Standard Toolbox. Some larger and more complicated inventions will need a fully stocked Workbench which can be found in the Merchant's Circle of the Caravan. Each invention always takes a minimum of 5 minutes to produce but you may work on multiple iterations of the same schematic in one sitting. All devices are either permanent or have charges that they expend before breaking. Broken inventions cannot be repaired unless you have the appropriate skill.

Example Schematics

The following schematics have been collected as Amaran public knowledge.

Resplendent Torch

This device creates a cone of bright daylight.  This item is permanent, but has occasionally been known to shut off unexpectedly.  Use a flashlight to represent this item.

Capacitor, Copper Pipe, Flint Lighter, Dragon Oil

Key Bot

For the aspiring thief or Outlaw in a rush the Key Bot works in a pinch. When constructing this device it gains 1 charge for every 5 mana in the helatite stone used to create it. This handheld device can unlock one Basic Lock per charge.

Gears, Helatite Stone with (X) Mana, Lockpick

Bar Bender

This device can be used to open a sealed door or gate. It is created with 50 charges which are expended based on the strength of the door. Wooden doors require 1 charge to open while iron doors require 5 and steel requires 10. This device can be used to bypass locks if a storyteller or narrator is present.  

Cog (4), Steel Pipe (2), Helatite Powder (2), Boiler (1), Nuts and Bolts (5), Obsidian Bar (2)

Engulfing Vortex

This device is able to defend against an arcane spell including spells that affect an area; The device literally engulfs the spell completely sucking it into an empty helatite stone to neutralize it. This device can only be reused if you have a way to empty the helatite stone completely.

Workbench, Unused Helatite Concentrator, Helatite fitting, Capacitor, Glass Pane, Void Crystal x2
Everlasting Gramophone
This device allows you to enjoy the music of the theatre without the need for a band. You may play genre appropriate music from any device that is properly disguised or hidden. (If your not sure if your music would be genre approved send us a playlist; a few easy tips are no modern references in the lyrics, obviously electric instruments, or music easily associated with popular culture).
Copper Wire, Gears x2, Wooden Box, Workbench

Freeze Apparatus

This remarkable yet radical weapon can freeze a man in place. By act of parliament, a formal warning must be announced loudly each and every time the device is unleashed. This device allows the player to point at his target within 20 feet, activate the device, and call “Renown Freeze Apparatus Stun 5 seconds.” This device can be used once per combat. If the devices used a second time, it's power supply is depleted and needs a mage to replace it.

Workbench, Coil, Copper Wire, Steam Assembly, Nuts and Bolts, x5, Steel Bar x2, Helatite frozen by a Blue Mage, 

 Biometric Fortitude Apparatus

Designed primarily for offensive use, the Biometric Fortitude Apparatus has saved many a Mastermind’s life when caught in the midst of combat. Attached to the user's arm, this device greatly enhances the physical might of the wearer granting +2 damage to basic melee attacks and +10 Body for 10 minutes. After the time has expired the Apparatus immediately powers down and the wearer suffers the effects of Maim for 30 minutes. The Maim effect cannot be avoided by any means and always takes 30 minutes to heal.

Workbench, Gears (4), Cog (2), Steel Bar (2), Copper Bar (1), Steam Assembly (1), Gas Cylinder (1), Plasmatic Ooze (2)
Divining Rod

Inspired by his father, who was a shaman, Professor Castner's diving rod can find water in the harshest of climates. You must be at a Landmark when you activate this device after which you generate 3 water commodities. To collect your commodities go to logistics with a landmark coordinate. This device is broken in the process. 

Potion of Refreshment, Elderwood Oak Branch, Guage x2, Boiler.
Hyponic Harvester
This device uses a large amount of helatite to instantly grow food and fertilize land. For every 30 points of helatite expended with this device you may generate 1 food card. This device is permanent.
Workbench, Cogs x5, Steam Assembly x2, Boiler, Nuts and Bolts x8, Gauge x4, Copper Pipe x3

Helatite Concentrator

This device takes the ambient magic from the surrounding area and forces it into an empty helatite stone. When the concentrator is activated it creates 1 stone with 10 points of mana. This invention is broken in the process.
Nuts and Bolts x4, Lenses, Helatite Fitting, Gears, Empty Helatite Stone.

Hellroy Coil

The hellroy coil is a devastating weapon that can be remotely operated from short distances. Anybody that gets within 30 feet of a hellroy coil immediately takes 20 Lightning damage every 5 seconds as long as the operator is capable of hitting a button on the remote. The hellroy coil has 30 hit points, is weak to electricity, and once destroyed cannot be repaired. Players must roleplay assembling or disassembling the hellroy coil for 1 minute to use or move it. It uses 5 mana each time it strikes a single target with lightning.

Workbench, Manos Coil (3), Capacitor (3), Helatite Fitting (4), Nuts and Bolts (7), Gauges (2), Hellatite Stone with atleast 50 mana.
Hellroy Gauntlet

When crafted this device works at the same frequency as a hellroy coil that you have constructed. While wearing this device you are able to pass freely near your hellroy coil without being shocked. You may attune multiple hellroy gauntlets to the same hellroy coil.

Capacitor (1), Helatite Fitting (1), Nuts and Bolts (2), Gauges (1)

Henley’s Handy Bypass Device

This device allows the user to bypass a single trap. The Bypass is destroyed in the process and cannot be repaired.

Gears, Iron Bar, Iron Pipe
Photographic Memorizer
This remarkable invention allows the user to instantly take a picture and view the results on a crystal viewer. You may use a camera I.G. if it is properly disguised.
Copper Bar, 
Lenses, Hilatite Fitting,

Farseeing Tube

This intrepid device can allow a person to see a great distance giving tactical advantages. Gaze at the heavens or at a neighbor across the field and wave! Use a telescope or binoculars to represent this item. The Farseeing Tube is permanent.
Lenses (2), 
Copper Pipe (2) 
Vault Door

This heavy metal door offers moderate protection for travelers that attach these inventions to their dwelling. Only Monsterous Strength or Force spells can blast open this door. This object may be charged with mana to negate the effects of a force spell or one attempt of Monsterous Strength. It costs 10 mana per charge.

Worchbench, 4 x Iron Bars, Cogs, Steam Assembly, Boiler, Helatite Fitting. Helatite with X mana.

 Flash Bang

This device creates a blinding flash that affects everyone within 5 strides of you (including you) with blindness for 5 seconds. The flash bang has 5 uses before breaking beyond repair.

Capacitor, Gauge, Copper Pipe
 The Douglas Patented Pulmonary Revivicator
This wooden box and paddles sends a jolt of lightning through the body and revitalize the victims heart. Using this invention you can heal someone in the dying status back to 1 hit point. This device is permanent.
Workbench, Lumber, Capacitor x2, Copper 
Wire x4, Helatite stones worth 40 Mana, Helatite fittings x3,