Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Level & Hit Points

Your level is a quick way to measure your character's strength and skill. To calculate your level add up all of your experience points (both spent and unspent) then divide by 20 and round down. For example, if you had 40 experience points you would be level 2, and if you had 125 experience points you would be Level 6.

Experience Points (XP)

Experience points are a measure of your characters trials and time spent in the world of Kiā€™mara. They can be spent to learn new skills or open other paths of study. You receive experience points for each event you attend. Additionally you may gain XP during an event through the completion of quests, for exceptional roleplaying, or even for decorating your sleeping area. Lastly XP may be awarded by your peers or for performing service to the game.

XP Gain
Event #1
 20 XP
Event #2 - #4
 10 XP
Event #5 - #7
 7 XP
Event #8 - #10
  5 XP
Event #11+
  3 XP
One Day Events
  5 XP

Hit Points (HP)

Hit points are a measure of your ability to take damage during a fight. Your starting HP is determined by your race and path and can be increased over time. Hit Points can be restored through rest or healing. At times you may also be granted temporary hit points through spells and abilities which you do not regain through rest or healing.

Racial Starting Hit Points

  • The Odun, Pallidus, and Balicai gain 9 Hit Points at 1st level.
  • The Amaran, Dwarves, and Ecferus gain 7 Hit Points at 1st level.
  • The Arachnis and Harena gain 5 Hit Points at 1st level.

Path Starting Hit Points

  • Warriors gain 12 Hit Points at 1st level.
  • Outlaw and Shaman gain 10 Hit Points at 1st level.
  • Mastermind and Mage gain 8 Hit Points at 1st level.

You receive 1 Hit Point for every Level you have obtained after 1st.