Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Roleplay and Costuming Requirements

  • Follow a strict set of rituals based around superstitions. These vary between clans.
  • Attire may contain things such as bones, animal pelts, or items associated with their clan.
  • Odun are a free-folk and usually abhor slavery.

Roleplay and Costume Tips

  • Odun speak in a guttural or northern accent. Exactly which north depends on the shore or isle from which you hail.
  • Odun dress in older fashions, preferring medieval tunics, pelts, or seaworthy armor. Some women wear Amaran fashions but with a touch of animal skins showing their heritage.

Racial Benefits

  • You gain the skill Basic Survival for no experience cost.
  • You start with any combination of 20 commodities.
  • Know Direction: You always know your way home. You can retrace your steps to find places you have been, and always know how to get back to the caravan.


"It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his own line, 

though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean."

                                                                                                                          -Old Odun Saying

Racial Description

The Odun are a hearty people descended from the sea. Their great ancestors were sailors and pirates that escaped the doom of Ki’mara to settle in the northern isles and shores of Amara. Holdfasts and keeps dot the frozen shores with each representing a different clan. This medieval practice is one of the marks of their cultural marriage of old and new.

They are often viewed by others as clinging to the old ways, and while it is true they keep habits of lost traditions, the Odun are among the best gunsmiths and unrivaled ship builders. Odun scholars study the stars and tides, know that the planet is round, practice metallurgy, and are experts of war and weapons. Additionally their children often work and learn their family craft becoming apprentices to their fathers and mothers until they are old enough to strike out on their own. They learn to sail and curse and brawl at a young age. Most are literate and prefer the company of books on long journeys across the sea.

Odun do not make fast friends but they are staunch allies. They value honor and keep their oaths seriously. An Odun that has opening broken his word can only choose exile and gives up all lands and titles.

Relations With Other Races

  • Amaran: Pompous and arrogant. Centuries of being landlocked by us have humbled them little. When did we become so closely tied to them?
  • Harena: They are a world away from us. Their magic is frightful and their gods are as harsh as the desert sun.
  • Ecferus: Savages. They would cut your head off and roll it down temple steps to appease their gods.
  • Pallidus: A strange elf. When did freedom become a dishonor? If they want to serve us so be it.
  • Dwarves: As pompous as an Amaran but they know how to back those words up when it comes to fisticuffs.
  • Balicai: Desert strangers. They are no creatures of the sea.
  • Arachnis: A friendly race. Decent folk if you can get past the freakish eyes.