Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Secrets of the Shamans

By Chief Owahta

Transcribed by Alfred Tome 

I wanted to preface by saying that this is not my book. I, Alfred "Sea Crow" Tome, spent many moons with the Mokatav tribe and was fast friends with Chief Owahta. It was at his request that I recorded the oral traditions of their people; a first for any elven tribe I imagine. It is my hope that my birth country will use this book to better understand the elven people and seek peace with the great tribes of the east. 


All shamans naturally obtain secret knowledge from their time spent viewing the spirit realm and communing with voodoo spirits. As you spend XP in this and only this path you unlock voodoo rituals.

Devil's Blood Oil

You are able to use Devil’s Blood Oil in one of two ways. First you may create a door with limited entry on the side of any wall that is no more than 3 feet thick. Devil’s blood is made from powdered seashell, devil’s root, and the blood of an animal. Whichever animal you choose allows anyone who drinks the same blood entry through the door. When used in this way you must have an area note placed on the doors location and it is considered permanent for the remainder of the event. The second use of Devil’s Blood Oil is to smash the vial at your feet. You immediately meld into the ground, are unable to take any actions, and become immune to projectile, magic, and melee attacks. You appear visibly as part of the ground and may exit this state at will.

Voodoo Doll

Requirements: 40 XP in Shaman. 

You craft a voodoo doll to control the appendages of a foe. When you use this skill you designate a target within line of sight and call “Voodoo Doll” after which they must follow your spoken commands, but still retain the ability to speak and think for them self. You may not command them to attack themselves or the effects of voodoo doll immediately end. You must also stay within speaking distance of the target and retain line of sight with them while using this skill. You may only use voodoo doll once per event and it has an unlimited duration.

Quill of Misfortune

Requirements: 80 XP in Shaman.

You have obtained this seemingly plain black feather from the spirit realm. You are able to summon the quill to your hand or dismiss it with a thought, and it cannot be stolen by any means. When any agreement is written with this quill the signers become bound by fate. Anyone who fails to fulfill their end of the agreement will be pursued by death until the debt has been paid in full. You may adjudicate agreements between other people but they must sign the agreement of their own will and if the contract is destroyed by any means all of the signers risk their very lives as death will become angered by this attempt to cheat it. When an agreement is completed or broken seek out a storyteller to make them aware of the contracts terms.

Bind the Accuser's Tongue

Requirements: 120 XP in Shaman.

This ritual lays a compulsion upon the subject that prevents them from speaking or writing ill of the Shaman (or someone of the shaman's choice) allowing the shaman to literally commit unspeakable acts without fear of reprisal. The Shaman must have something from the target (Obtained while a narrator is present). Taking this and a black silken cord the Shaman winds the cord around the object and starts chanting for five minutes. The ritual lasts for the next 3 games that the target attends or until the silk cord is unwound at which point the components will crumble to dust.

Devour the Lion's Soul

Requirements: 160 XP in Shaman.

You are able to prepare a secret elixir that allows you to steal the skills of others. You may use this skill to siphon and bottle the essence of any creature, and as part of a ritual you will gain one of that creature's abilities at the discretion of a narrator. Each ritual is as unique as the essence you have bottled and must be prepared carefully and thoughtfully. This skill does not work on sentient humanoids and you may only obtain one skill in this way at any time. Using this ritual again will replace any existing skill you have stolen.

Realm of the Dead

Requirements: 200 XP in Shaman. 

This ritual allows you to send 5 people (which may include yourself) into the realm of the dead where you are able to seek long lost knowledge or even bring a soul back to the living. This is a risky ritual however as traveling into this realm means almost certain death. The dead treat the living as invaders and traveling to the mouth of hades can mean running into many souls that wish your death. You must have a Storyteller present to use this skill and a means to keep the time. Anyone who stays in the realm of the dead for more than 30 minutes will immediately die and lose all of their possessions in the void.

Ritual Items

Voodoo rituals are among the most misunderstood arts of the eastern world. Likewise the rules that govern a ritual's success or failure is based entirely on Roleplay and can be intimidating to even seasoned players. Each ritual has a specific set of 3 or more actions you must act out to succeed. Additionally, every action you make from the beginning of the ritual until it's completion must remain In-Character or risk you failing the ritual. 

Every Ritual has components that you must include in your roleplay. These items are often unique and carry no other I.G. value except as ritual items. All ritual items run the risk of becoming tainted and useless if you fail the ceremony. Every ritual item must have a physrep to use.

Dream Catcher

To create this item you must take twine and beads of fine value and weave them into a dreamcatcher. Once complete you must light incense and ritually cleanse the area that you wish to hang the dreamcatcher. For as long as it remains hanging it will ward a building or area up to 30 feet diameter from any type of spirit. This item lasts until the end of an event.

Iron Heart

To create an iron heart you must take an animal's heart, clean it, and cast it into a container of embalming fluid that has been mixed with dragon oil and emberlight flowers. 

If the ritual is successful it will grant whoever devours the heart with an aura of prophetic leadership. This boon allows you to compel those who fight under your leadership to ignore fear and deal +1 damage with melee weapons.

Gloom Jar

The shaman can trap a Gloom Spirit in a jar to steal its mystic powers. To create a gloom jar, you must have a jar or similar sized item with a lid that seals. You must place soul essence and juniper leaves in the jar as part of a ritual and leave it out over night. Glooms can usually be found feeding on the sweet substance in the jar by sunrise. When the spirit is released it will enchant the opener with Darksight for a duration of 30 minutes. Darksight allows you to ignore the effects of blindness or any other skill that would normally block your vision. This does not allow you to see through Invisibility or Ethereal targets.

Monkey Paw

You are able to create a monkey’s paw though only a fool would risk its use. To produce this item you must ritually cut the hand from a Monkey under the light of the moon using an obsidian dagger. When done successfully this item gives you a number of sealed envelopes. When you use this item call a hold, open one of the envelopes, and read its effect aloud.

Shrunken Head

You are able to take the heads of the recently slain and boil them in a cauldron or similar container. To complete this ritual chant a praise to the Meliae of Death. For every head you shrink you gain a 1 time use defense. You may only carry a maximum of 3 shrunken heads at a time and you must have the appropriate physreps.

Unseen Candle

This object is created by taking bear fat and combining it with a catstail wick. Once complete you must bless the item with water from a mountain spring. When lit, this candle reveals anyone within 10 feet of the candle who is concealed. This candle will last for 8 hours after it is lit and cannot be extinguished or moved.

War Feather

Using the feathers of a kea and a ghost’s essences you must reclaim the spirit world by destroying an invention or similar device. A war feather benefits whoever is carrying it with a +1 bonus to damage for the duration of 1 battle. This item lasts for up to 6 months and may be used up to 3 times during a single event. You may only benefit from one War Feather at a time.

Wolfsbane Token 

You are able to create this item by gathering wolfsbane into a bundle and wrapping it in an assassin vine. When worn visibly around the neck this token protects the wearer from werewolves. The lycanthrope may never approach closer than 5 feet and will retreat from anyone who brandishes it. This token by no means makes you immune to a werewolves attacks or their bite, only acts as a ward against them. A wolfsbane token lasts for 6 months.


A Shaman's Curse is one among the most powerful mental skills in the world. They are hard to defend against and harder to get rid of if the recipient survives the encounter. Most curses wear off naturally as the spirit enforcing it grows bored with the target but a few have been known to have permanent effects. Each time a shaman takes the curse skill they may choose from the list below or one they have gained access to out in the world. All curses can be delivered by small melee weapons or staffs and do not break the shaman's concealment.

Novice Curses

Curse of Paranoia

This curse leaves a subject in a state of impassable dread and fright for the duration of 30 minutes. The subject may not take any actions except those that aid in the act of fleeing from danger (real or imaginary). The subject irrationally perceives everyone and everything as a threat and is unable to trust even their closest friends. This effect does not end if the target is dropped into their disabled or dying status.

Curse of the Light Hearted

This curse causes its target to be carefree and immune to fear effects for the duration of 30 minutes. During this time the target has no sense of danger and believes they are invincible. This effect does not end if the target is dropped into their disabled or dying status.

Journeyman Curses

Curse of Amnesia

This curse can be used to blot out the memory of a specific person, object, or any period of time that exceeds no more than the last 30 minutes before the curse was cast. You may be the subject of multiple curses of Amnesia but if the curse is broken it restores all memories suppressed in this way. This curse has no limit to its duration and you may cast it on yourself.

Curse of Sickness

This curse inflicts someone with a painful sickness that often goes unnoticed until it is too late. Anytime they drop below half of their total Hit Points they immediately feel the effects of agonizing Pain. This curse lasts until it is cured and does not stack with another use of Curse of Sickness. This curse has no limit to its duration.

Expert Curses

Curse of Lost Loyalty

This curse will cause someone to think that everyone is out to get them. When used in combat the cursed person will immediately attack their allies. When they are disabled the curse subsides but still remains until cured. If the cursed person goes for 4 hours without getting into a verbal or physical fight with someone they will lash out against anyone who even looks at them the wrong way. This curse has no limit to its duration.

Curse of Hindrance

You are able to curse a target with weakness causing them to take double damage from all melee attacks. When using this ability call, “Curse of Hindrance, Weakness to Melee Damage.” This curse lasts for 30 minutes and you may only receive the effects from one curse of hindrance at a time. If you someone with this curse a second time it will only extend its duration.