Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Vagabonds come from all walks of life. Do you shadow the highest courts as a spy or do you take the more pragmatic approach like any good bureaucrat? Perhaps you reside in the lowest gutters among the urchins stealing food? Though your kin may live very different lives you all have one thing in common; The willingness to do whatever is required to survive. For you there is no greater thrill than the perfect execution of a plan. It might be the flawless assassination, the perfect swindle, or stealing the unspeakable. If you believe that life is unfair and prefer to choose battles that are ever in your favor then you are an Outlaw.

Starting Benefit

You are luckier than other travelers. Through guile, dexterity, or just plain dumb luck you are able to get out of the worst situations. You may use this skill to defend against any attack skill, including projectile, magical, physical, or mental attacks. When used against a trap you ignore all of its effects. Nothing can bypass luck. You may only use this skill once between rests.

Novice Tier

At 1st level you only have access to Novice Tier Skills. Full descriptions of each skill can be found below the table.

Skill Name
XP Cost
Blackjack I-II*
You can knock someone unconcious with a suprise attack.
4 / 6

Bola I-II*

Blackjack I
You can trip someone with a thrown attack.
5 / 7
You know how to break in and out of places.

Cheap Shot I-II*

Sucker Punch II
You can deal 10 damage to someone who is wounded.
5 / 7
Detect Disguise
You are able to tell when someone is wearing a disguise.
You are able to appear as someone else of the same race and gender
Dodge I-II*
You can defend against melee and magical attacks.
6 / 8
You know how to disable locks and open sealed doors.
Palm Item
You can conceal small items while being searched.
Partner in Crime
You have made contact with another Outlaw who knows his way around.
Piercing Strike
You make a basic attack with the Piercing effect.
Smooth Talker
You can talk down violent enemies and get away with small lies.


Sneak Thief x2
You can smuggle blackmarket items into the caravan.

Sneak Attack I-II*

Piercing Strike x2
You can deliver triple damage with a surpise attack.
4 / 6
Sneak Thief
You gain extra sovereigns and items each event.
Stealth I-II*
You are able to conceal yourself from the untrained eye.
5 / 7
Sucker Punch I-II*
You can deliver a Pain attack that lasts for 5 seconds.
4 / 6

Whirling Dervish I-II*

Dagger Specialization
You deal triple damage with your next 20 swings while using daggers.
5 / 7

*Rank III and IV can be purchased when you attain Journeyman Tier Outlaw and Rank V can be purchased when you attain Expert Tier Outlaw.

In the section below, each skill name is followed by its Usage (Common, Heroic, Mastery, Legendary). This defines the number of purchases you may make of that skill, when it refreshes, and how often you can use it. More information about a skills usage can be found on the Using Skills page under Larp Basics


Novice Tier Skill Descriptions

Blackjack  ♦  Mastery 

You can quickly knock someone unconscious with a surprise attack. You must strike the target on the torso from behind while using a blunt weapon that is one-handed or smaller. If your attack is a success then you knock the target unconscious for 5 minutes. Any attack that is made against an unconscious target immediately wakes them up. When you use this skill call “Blackjack, Unconscious 5 minutes.” At Mastery V you are able to knock a target out for 10 minutes.

Bola  ♦  Mastery

You can throw a bola with precision to trip up your foes. You may make a point-and-click ranged attack against a target within 20 feet. When you use this skill call “Bola, Prone 20 Seconds.” At Mastery V any target you have successfully hit with Bola may be quickly tied up and gagged. You may strike your target with both weapons or hands and call “Subdue and Silence” without expending additional uses of this skill. These effects last until you either untie your target or they are cut out of their bindings. 

Burglary  ♦  Heroic

You know how to break into and out of hard to reach places that you can safely access out of game. When you use the skill you must roleplay breaking in for 30 seconds then immediately call a personal “Hold,” safely make your way to the other side of the access point then call “Resume”. You may also escape through the same entry instantly by calling this skill a second time. Escaping in this way does not require another use of Burglary.

Cheap Shot  ♦  Mastery

You are able to take advantage of someone who is in a sorry state to deal 10 damage. You may only make this attack against a target that currently has one of the following Conditions: Pain, Blinded, Stunned, Subdued, or at least one limb Pinned. When you use this skill, call “Cheap Shot, 10 Damage.” At Mastery V Cheap Shot cannot be defended against except by skills that defend against surprise attacks.

Detect Disguise  ♦  Common

You are able to tell when someone is wearing a disguise. You may only call this skill to force someone to reveal that they are in disguise. You must have a significant conversation with them lasting at least 1 minute and have previously met the person without their disguise.  

Disguise  ♦  Common

You are adept at using disguises to fool others into thinking your someone else. You must take 15 minutes to apply or change your disguise. This skill otherwise lasts until you reveal your disguise or until the end of an event. You may not disguise yourself as the same persona for more than one event and may not start the event in disguise. You also cannot mimic a specific person and cannot replicate the appearance of another species. For example, an Amaran could disguise themselves as a different Amaran or a Harena but not as a Balicai. You may purchase this skill more than once. It does not refresh until the beginning of your next event.

Dodge  ♦  Mastery

You are able to avoid most attacks altogether and may negate a single physical or magical attack. You may not dodge a projectile attack. When you defend using this skill, call “Dodge, No Effect.” At Mastery V this skill can be used to dodge projectile attacks.

Lockpicking  ♦  Heroic

You are adept at breaking in. You need to have an item and must successfully roleplay picking the lock you are trying to open for 4 seconds for a basic lock, 10 seconds for a complex lock. When using this skill go find a marshal who will adjudicate what happens during the picking of the locks.   .

Palm Item  ♦  Heroic

You may use this skill to take any unattended palm-sized item without someone seeing you take it. If you are being directly observed the person will still notice that the item goes missing so plan your use of this skill carefully. You may also use this skill to defend against Search but you may only use this for two items (one in each hand) when used in this way. This skill may only be used on items that can successfully fit into the palm of your hand, (item cards count in this way).

Partner in Crime  ♦  Common

You have made contact with an NPC outlaw. This NPC is a member of a rogue’s guild and may help you join a PC guild if you wish however this skill does not guarantee entry into a guild. Your NPC contact may give you help with jobs or training from time to time but if he is killed in any way you must purchase this skill again for an increased cost (6 XP for the 2nd, 9 XP for the 3rd, and so on). Some NPC’s may know multiple PC outlaws and if another PC gets him killed you will not incur this penalty.  

Piercing Strike  ♦  Heroic

You are able to hit your opponents with such speed and precision that they cannot use basic defenses against your attack. When using this skill call “Piercing, X Damage. If your opponent blocks your attack with their weapon or shield they still take the damage. They must call a defense to avoid this attack. This skill cannot be used with other skills unless they provide persistent bonuses (such as those provided by strength or  dagger specialization).

Smooth Talker  ♦  Heroic

You present yourself as a non-hostile or friendly when speaking with others. You can use this skill to stop a hostile NPC from attacking you or to coerce a PC into a friendly action or to believe a single sentence truth. For example, you could convince another PC to buy you a drink, but not to lend you their Pallidus. This is considered a mental attack skill. 

Smuggling  ♦  Heroic

You have contacts outside of the caravan that are able to get items that you need, for a modest fee of course. You may purchase one Item from the Black Market List (Logistics) per event for each purchase of this skill. 

Sneak Attack  ♦  Mastery

You are able to deliver a deadly strike when your target is unaware of you. On your next melee attack against a target you are flanking or from surprise you deal 3 times your normal weapon damage. When you use this skill call “Sneak Attack, X Damage.” You must be wielding a blade weapon to use this skill. At Mastery V this attack deals 5 times your normal weapon damage.

Sneak Thief  ♦  Heroic

This skill allows you to make money during your time traveling with the caravan by performing misdeeds and odd jobs. At the beginning of each event your character is rewarded money or items based on a random roll. You gain 1-10 Sovereigns and 1 Random Item per use of this skill.

Stealth  ♦  Mastery

This skill allows you to take cover and hide from enemies more effectively. When you call this skill you must have 75% of your body hidden behind cover and cannot be standing in direct moonlight or brighter light. While using Stealth you may not be the target of skills, melee attacks, and you are immune to projectile damage. Magical area attacks, as well as a shaman's ability to see souls will however break your stealth. If you use any skills or move more than 5 feet you will also lose your concealment. You must be holding an orange ribbon while using Stealth. At Mastery V this skill ignores light spells and other sources of light used by players. Use a red ribbon while using Stealth with Mastery V.

Sucker Punch  ♦  Mastery

You deliver a painful blow that hits a nerve or vital area. Your target takes a pain effect for 5 seconds. To use this attack call “Sucker Punch, Pain 5 Seconds.” At Mastery V This skill is treated as Piercing. When used in this way call “Piercing Pain, 5 Seconds.”

Whirling Dervish  ♦  Mastery

You fly into a dance of deadly blades. When using two daggers your next 20 attacks deal triple damage. This skill cannot be combined with Mastery or Heroic skills. At Mastery V this skill deals +2 damage on all attacks. This bonus applies before you multiply for triple damage.

Journeyman Tier

To open the Journeyman Tier of Outlaw you must have a total of 100 XP spent on skills from the Outlaw and Traveler list.

Skill name
XP Cost
Break Trap
Burglary x3 or 
Lockipicking x3
You are able to disarm most traps
Cat Burglar
Burglary x3
You are able to get in and out of places quicker and with more ease.
Conceal Weapon
Palm Item x2
You can conceal small weapons.
Smuggling x3
You can sell stolen items for half their value.
Sneak Attack III
You may deal double your basic damage whenever you attack a target from behind.
Improved Disguise
You may disguise yourself as a member of factions or similar groups.
Improved Stealth
Stealth III
You can more easily hide and move while remaining concealed.
Mastery III
Mastery II of any skill.
Gain rank III of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost.
Mastery IV
Mastery III of any skill.
Gain rank IV of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost.
Smooth Talker x3
You can convince henchman to let you speak with their boss.
Rogues Perception
Dodge II
 You are able to defend against suprise attacks.

Journeyman Tier Skill Descriptions

Break Trap  ♦  Heroic

An Outlaw may disarm any traps they find. It takes them 1 minute to disarm the trap after which the trap phys-rep should be disarmed and the tag destroyed. If the trap goes off while the rogue is disarming it they take the effect from the trap. The trap phys-rep should be left in place so the owner may collect it at a later time.

Cat Burglar  ♦  Common

You can use the skill Burglary to enter any entryway that you could get through by climbing. Once you have broken into a building you may also escape from any window or door instantaneously. Additionally you may expend a use of Burglary to call “Case the Joint.” This skill must be role played for 30 seconds and allows you to look at area notes, however if you are observed by others they will be aware of your actions. If a Marshal is present you may be able to further interact with these area notes.

Conceal Weapon  ♦  Heroic

You are able to use this skill to hide small weapons in a similar fashion to Palm Item. If you are searched you may conceal 1 small weapon, pistol, or small throwing weapon per use of this skill. This skill protects the concealed item for 10 minutes from anyone who uses the search skill on you. 

Contraband  ♦  Common

You may smuggle items out of the caravan and obtain half the item’s value in sovereigns. You may sell off any number of items each event by going to logistics.

Flanking  ♦  Common

You may deal grievous wounds when you get the drop on your foes. Whenever you attack someone from behind with a small or one-handed weapon you may call flanking as a melee attack skill to deal double damage. This skill stacks with continuous damage bonuses (Dagger Specialization, Strength, etc) but cannot be called in combination with Heroic or Mastery skills.

Improved Disguise  ♦  Common

You are better able to disguise yourself within an organization. You may now use uniforms and mannerisms to disguise yourself as a member of a faction, tribe, guild or similar group. You may also defend against the skill detect disguise. You may not disguise yourself as the same person for more than one event and may not start the event in disguise. 

Improved Stealth  ♦  Common

You only need to have 25% of your body hidden to call Stealth and may move at a heel-to-toe pace while remaining hidden. If at any point you move into an area of light equal to moonlight or brighter you lose your concealment. 

Parlay  ♦  Heroic

This skill can be used to force an intelligent creature or humanoid to cease attacking you and take you to their leader to discuss a truce. While under the rules of parlay you may not be harmed until you have spoken with someone in charge. Except in extreme circumstances, calling “Parlay” allows you to return unharmed as well.

Rogue’s Perception  ♦  Common

You are familiar with dirty fighting tactics and how to defend against them. This skill is a Buff that you may only use on yourself. You must roleplay assessing your armor and clothing for 30 seconds then may sign this on your own card. You may call this defense in response to a surprise attack of your choice. When you invoke this skill call “Rogue’s Perception, No Effect.” You regain the use of this skill when you rest.

Expert Tier

To open the Expert Tier of Outlaw you must have a total of 300 XP spent on skills from the Outlaw and Traveler list.

Skill Name
 XP Cost
Rumor Mongering x4, Smooth Talker x4
You know the proper channels to take when placing a bounty on someone's head.
Deep Shadows
Stealth IV, Improved Stealth
You are able to move quickly from shadow to shadow while remaining concealed.
Disguise Other
Improved Disguise
You may use your disguise skills on others.
Jewel Thief
Sneak Thief x4
You have a chance to receive a magical or highly valuable item each event.
 Mastery V
Mastery IV of any skill.
Gain Rank V of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost.
Silent Tools
Lockpicking x4 or 
Burglary x4
You can use Lockpicking and Burglary without breaking stealth.

Expert Tier Skill Descriptions

Bounty  ♦  Common

You have connections to hire bounty hunters and place a price on someone's head. To use this skill you must speak with an NPC bounty hunter at logistics. Here you can discuss your price as well as determine details of the job while unmolested by prying ears. The more you are willing to pay determines what resources the bounty hunter has as well as what they are willing to risk. The bounty stands until someone is able to collect on it from logistics or if you remove the bounty before its completion. Some bounties may require several months to complete while others may need to be increased to find a suitable hunter. Some PC's may also have access to available bounties but they will be unable to see who has placed it. 

Deep Shadows  ♦  Common

You have become better at sneaking around unnoticed. You may now move at a walking pace without breaking stealth. If you move into an area of light brighter than moonlight you can remain there for up to 5 seconds or 10 strides before losing concealment. 

Disguise Other  ♦  Common

You are able to put others in a disguise using the Disguise or Improved Disguise Skill. This skill only works on someone else for no longer than 4 hours and they cannot defend against Detect Disguise. You must roleplay using this skill for at least 10 minutes before they can change costumes.

Jewel Thief  ♦  Common

You have become exceptionally practiced at doing odd tasks on the caravan and can perform twice as many jobs with this skill. You gain 4-16 sovereigns per event and have a 30% chance of getting a magical or high value item. You may purchase this skill any number of times but each purchase can only be used once per event. 

Silent Tools  ♦  Common

You are able to use Lockpicking and Burglary without breaking concealment from Stealth

Legendary Skills

To open Legendary Skills for Outlaw you must have a total of 360 XP spent on the Outlaw and Traveler list.

Skill Name
Death Knell
Sneak Attack V, Piercing Strike x5, Cheap Shot V, and Conceal Weapon
This nearly unblockable surprise attack immediately drops your foe into their dying status.
Sneak Thief x5, Contraband, Jewel 
Thief x5, Partner in Crime, and Bounty
You are able to lead other Outlaws and lend them your knowledge when performing jobs.
Master of Disguise
Disguise x5, Improved Disguise, Smooth Talker x3, and Parlay x2
You are able to flawlessly disguise yourself as any species or gender. Personas created with this skill are undetectable to conventional means. 
Smoke Bomb
Deep Shadows, Dodge V, Rogue's Perception, Burglary x5, and Cat Burglar
You can vanish into thin air -even in broad daylight- to escape almost any situation.

*All Legendary Skills Cost 15 XP per purchase.


Legendary Skill Descriptions

Death Knell  ♦  Legendary

You are a trained assassin and can kill any target in a single strike. This surprise attack cannot be blocked with a weapon or shield and immediately drops the target into their dying status with only 1 minute remaining on their death count. When you use this skill call “Death Knell, Piercing Kill.” You may purchase this skill 3 times.

Guild Master  ♦  Legendary

You are a master of an outlaw’s operation. When you purchase this skill your allies are inspired by your example and perform more efficiently. You may give another outlaw The “Guild Master” Buff which duplicates the use of a skill that you know. For example, if you have Stagger V you could give them “Guild Master: Stagger V” and they would be able to use this skill with as much mastery as you can, even if they only know Stagger II or did not have the skill at all.  

A recipient of this buff must have the Outlaw Path on their character card and access to the next lowest Tier of any skill you wish to lend them. You may give this buff up to two times to the same individual and no more than eight times during a single event. You must notate this skills use on your own character card as well as the recipients. You may not grant Legendary skills, skills from other paths, or specialization skills with Guild Master. A recipient of this buff cannot receive it from more than one outlaw per event; even if they only receive it once.

Master of Disguise  ♦  Legendary

You are able to flawlessly disguise yourself as another person. You may use this skill to pretend to be another species and gender (you must still meet all of that races costume requirements), and can completely duplicate their habits and quirks. You may choose to start an event in disguise, and can pretend to be the same false persona from event to event. Detect Disguise or similar visual detection skills have no effect on you, however a skill that is able to see your soul will work if the person using it is familiar with you. You may create as many personas as you have costumes for.

Smoke Bomb  ♦  Legendary

You are able to quickly get out of a bad situation. To use this skill call “Smoke Bomb” use a packet bomb, then put your weapons on your head. Any attack that strikes you after you call this skill is considered a miss unless it stops movement based skills. This is not a “hold” skill but you are considered OOG for its duration. You must move directly to an area of cover that is within line-of-sight and no more than 50 feet away then return to play. You may purchase this skill up to 3 times.