Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Roleplay and Costuming Requirements

  • Pallidus must wear prosthetic Elf ears.
  • Pallidus must wear makeup to give the appearance of very pale or even stark white skin.
  • All Pallidus have light colored hair ranging from dirty blonde to snow white in appearance.
  • Pallidus prefer to wear clothing that matches the style of their contract holder.

Roleplay and Costume Tips

  • Pallidus prefer to spend their free time perfecting themselves. This includes the martial, magical, spiritual, and artistic fields.
  • Pallidus view their distant cousins, the Ecferus as nothing more than dirty and animalistic savages. A Pallidus never ignores a chance to exact justice on an Ecferus for their ancient betrayal.

Racial Benefits

  • You gain Weapon Proficiency with one weapon of choice for no XP cost.
  • You gain this skill for no experience cost: 
  • Not My Master! You are able to call a defense for any physical attack that would be dealt to your Contract Holder as long as they are within 10 feet of you. To use this skill you call "Not My Master!" and roleplay taking the hit or the effect of an attack. Once you do this you take double the intended effect, whether it be an amount of damage or an effect that has a duration. You may use this skill any number of times as long as you are not in your downed, disabled or dying status. 
  • If this is used to defend against an attack that has neither a duration or a damage amount associated with it (for example mutilate) they simply take whatever the normal effect would be. In the case of mutilate (and other cases where a choice is necessary) the attacker chooses the limb that would become affected. When using "Not My Master!" you may call a defense against whatever attack is now being used upon you when you use the skill initially. 

  • Serfdom: You are a descendant of the Pallidus warriors and an indentured servant to another PC or NPC. You do not turn in commodities at the end of each event. Instead, your contract holder must turn in the required food and water for you. Serfdom may designate an NPC contract holder as part of your backstory.


“One’s strength is defined by the might of his limbs, and I am an extension of yours.”

-Pariah to his Master.

Racial Description

An ancient and enigmatic people, the Pallidus of Ki'Mara were shrouded in foreign traditions that only a brave few ever witnessed. Much of their culture existed behind walled gardens and fortress cities hidden deep in the mountains. They were the first practitioners of Meliae spiritualism and were viewed as a patient and calculating race that when drawn to action was swift and precise.

Pallidus are cunning warriors and refuse to run from any fight but this proud trait led to their fall. During the closing days of the Great War of old and the Doom of Ki’mara the Pallidus were left crushed and defeated by the human armies and abandoned by their ecferus allies. In a desperate attempt to win mercy upon his people, the high emperor Angsendo VIII commanded them to lay down their arms. Their surrender tendered costly repercussions. The surviving Pallidus were shackled and taken prisoner, but even worse, then came the Doom. The Pallidus cities were destroyed by the trolls and with no standing armies to protect them the survivors were picked off by the bloodthirsty Ecferus traitors.  

When humanity fled from the trolls they took their prisoners with them. The remaining Pallidus kept their lives by devoting themselves to their captors. With no way of getting home they had little other option but to adapt and survive as servants and slaves. For generations this group would cater to the rich barons and aristocrats of the fledgling Amaran Empire but ultimately survive and even thrive.

Pallidus today are a much different race. They have become a mark of power and station to their contract holders and humanitarians within Parliament have ensure their continued well-being. In the Amaran capitol it is both viewed as bad form and even punishable by law if you mistreat your servants. Many Pallidus thus enjoy the comforts available only to the upper class. They live in the lap of luxury, are trusted as advisors, private teachers, and confidants, and can even pursue hobbies and occupations of their own choosing. 

There is however a darker side that is covered up by all the perfume and frivolity of the "civilized." Not every Pallidus is content with this lifestyle. Rebels and Runaways are not unheard of, but this kind of behavior is met with strict repercussions.

Relations with Other Races

  • Amaran: Our greatest benefactors. Their ancestors spared us but over time we have worked our way into every aspect of their society and government. They would fall apart without our strong guiding hand.
  • Odun: The Odun do not keep slaves. They would have us freed without knowing it would mean our deaths.
  • Harena: A peculiar human that we rarely serve. Their ways are foreign to us but their magic is greater than our own.
  • Ecferus: Savages better left to rot in their forests. They are cowards and descendants of cowards! They should be ashamed to even be in the same room with us.
  • Dwarves: To serve a dwarf is a great shame.
  • Balicai: They often make war over water and salt. Their tribes battle each other like scaly children.
  • Arachnis: We have none among them. We know nothing of them; they know the same of us.

Restricted Race

You must demonstrate that you can provide a reasonable means of costuming for this race. These are generally not recommended for first time players and may require more expensive prosthetic or makeup to represent properly. If you intend to play them at your first event please contact us to submit your proposal (pictures of your intended costume and make-up are recommended). We will never refuse a character as long as you are willing to work with us in developing them. We allow players to walk-in as any of these races but please be aware of the expectations and possibilities in doing so.