Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Character Paths

“Though we may all travel in the same direction, each one of us walks only our own path. 

If it were not so, we would surely perish." 

                                                            From "The Diverse Soul" by Hakim Abrazi iv Karida, Herena Philosopher

Choosing your primary path can be a hard decision for some. Outlaw, Mastermind, Mage, Shaman, and Warrior each grant a free starting benefit at 1st level and access to a diverse but specific list of skills. All characters gain the Traveler path automatically; It represents general skills that are important to many characters and there is no penalty for spending experience points in this path. Eventually you may choose a hobby or specialization which will give you new skills to learn but it is best to focus on your primary path when you are first starting your journey. Hobbies and Specializations are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Choose Wisely....



Choosing a hobby is a question that every traveler will face. You may have found a new calling in life, seek to broaden your horizons, or simply require a few extra skills on your current journey. When you choose a hobby you may purchase Novice Tier and Journeyman Tier skills as well as Ranks I-IV of Mastery Skiils from this secondary list. Expert, Legendary, and Rank V Mastery skills represent the culmination of your studies and may not be purchased without first specializing in your hobby. Learning a Hobby Path Costs 5 XP and you may only learn one.



In your travels you may meet individuals that know unique skills or rare lore that they learned or pioneered themselves. Specializations represent these unique skills that can only be discovered through exploring the world of Ki’mara. You may know any specialization that you meet the Prerequisites for so long as they do not conflict with one another.

Additionally, you may choose to specialize in your hobby which will give you access to that path’s starting benefits and higher Tier skills. Be warned however, choosing to do this will limit your access to most other specializations. All other specializations you learn must have both your primary path and hobby path as possible prerequisites to obtain them.


Advancing Your Path

Every path has a Novice Tier, Journeyman Tier, Expert Tier, and Legendary Tier of skills. The experience points you've spent in your path are added together to unlock each set. They are approximately tied to levels 5, 15, and 18 but this is not an exact science once you start adding in hobbies and specializations which count as separate totals respectively.

Advancing from Novice to Journeyman requires 100 XP spent in any combination of skills.
Advancing From Journeyman to Expert requires 300 XP spent in any combination of skills.
Advancing From Expert to Legendary requires 360 XP spent in any combination of skills.



If you find yourself wishing to forget some skills in favor of new ones you may elect to perform a retraining. Once per character you may refund up to 1/3rd of your experience points in skills. All skills that remain on your card must be legal choices once you remove the skills you do not want. You also may not re-train experience points spent on specializations or remove your primary path altogether. These are both things that define your character.