Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Political Factions

"That universal sickness, our seemingly unending need for power and conflict that leads to war after war, is a most peculiar virus; 

while those in power are its hosts, it is the weak who suffer the symptoms."

                         -From "The History of Medicine, Volume III"  by Doctor Thomas Edgewood, Renowned Physician (Deceased)

These groups are the movers and shakers of the socio-political world, from the sprawling cities of Amara to the harsh frontier the Caravan faces in the Ki'Maran wilderness.  You may choose to begin play as a member of any faction you wish, though it will require an appropriate character history. You may only exist as a member of one Major Faction at a time. Please click on the sigils below to learn more about each faction.

Major Factions


The Advocacy

The Caravan Union


The Order of the Solemn


The Imperial Corps of Engineers

The Foreign Legion