Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Props and Decorations

Maintaining the atmosphere of the game is important at every event. You should always keep your Out of Game items out of sight and disguise anything that your carrying with you. Soda cans, cell phones, and other modern day items should not be carried around our left out in plain sight. This is not only for your own benefit but for all the players in our community.

Physical Representations 

Called a “physrep” for short, these items represent an object in the game that has statistics and may be interacted with via skills or other game mechanics. Many times a physrep will represent something that does not exist in our world or may be bought and traded for in-game value. Physreps are usually provided by the game and thus can be stolen by other characters. These props should be returned to logistics at the end of an event when you turn in your character card. You keep any cards associated with these props and can request the physrep again at the beginning of the next event if its available.

You may also choose to provide your own physreps for items that you have attained at an event. This is fine, but be warned not to use items that you do not want to lose. Assigning an In-Game value allows this item to circulate the game world but does not guarantee that it will be returned to you at the end of an event.

Decorating Your Cabin

You are not required to bring anything to Travelers except the very basic gear needed to live for 3 days in the woods. It is however, highly encouraged that you decorate your quarters to reflect your character. This not only gives your sleeping area a personal touch but helps maintain the immersion of being in Ki'mara. And besides, you wouldn't want to have the Caravan Master pay you a visit when your knickers are all about the floor after all? Work as a team to decorate your IG space and hide your OOG items. At the end if each event we award 5 XP to the players with the best atmosphere in their IG area.