Travelers of Ki'Mara

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For two thousand years, we survived this war-torn wilderness, while you built a new empire across the sea. Now we share the ancestral home once again; do we take this second chance at an alliance, or throw it aside for another bloody struggle? 

                                                                      -Ashkala Durath, Ecferus Diplomat      

About the Races

This world is home to more sentient species of life than humans alone- in fact, several intelligent, humanoid races are known. The human race itself is split into three known ethnic groups; the Amarans, an extraordinarily populous and powerful group that controls a vast empire, the Harena, exotic desert dwellers with a penchant for magic, and the Odun, a sea-faring, warrior culture. There are also two ethnic groups of Elves, although the physical differences between them are far more dramatic; the pale-skinned Pallidus, a refined race wholly indentured in servitude to the Amarans, and the Ecferus, a Ki'Mara dwelling tribal civilization. Also primarily found in Ki'Mara, the Dwarves hail from underground cities of advanced, but decaying technology, and the largely unknown Arachnis live among non-sentient arachnids in cities made from their own webbing, Finally- the reptilian, spiritual Balicai are the only beings known to have originated on the continent of Amara. Together, these eight races make up the sentient population of the known world.

All eight races have a part to play in the Caravan, here on the edge of civilization. Each race has different overarching interests that coincide in some ways, but conflict in others. Some individuals seek alliance and mutual prosperity, while others believe certain races are an obstruction to their people's destiny; through compromise or conquest the fate of two continents will be decided.

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