Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Service Points

What are Service Points?

Service Points, also called SP, are points you earn for helping out the staff of Travelers of Ki'Mara in various ways. They can be redeemed for a number of in-game benefits, including XP for your character!

Earning Service Points

(Note: Service Points may not be spent until the event after they were earned)

Badge Duties (10-50 SP Per Event)

The easiest way to earn SP is by helping us out through the Badge System. Any event where you take on responsibilities available to badge holders you will earn between 10 and 50 SP depending on the degree of responsibility undertaken (exact responsibilities and SP reward must be worked out with the staff member/s who granted you the relevant badge).

Please Check out our Badge System here for more information on Badge Duties.

Extra NPC Shifts (10 SP Per Shift)

By taking on an extra NPC shift (typically 4 hours during weekend events, 2 hours during day events), you can earn 10 SP. You may take on as many extra shifts per event as you like, and may decide to take extra shifts at anytime before or during an event, as long as it is before the extra shift you wish to take has started (for example, you may wish to simply continue your normal NPC shift through the next shift, potentially continuing to play or reprising an NPC role given to you during the first shift and earning 10 SP in the process).

Extra Cleanup (10 SP Per Event)

After the event, you will stay with the staff and help them break down and pack up the game site until we are all able to leave. You will earn 10 SP and our eternal gratitude.

Special Assistance (5-10 SP Per Task)

On a case-by-case basis, we may require assistance accomplishing various tasks during events that do not require a badge to qualify for. This might include tasks like washing dishes or making a run to a store for needed supplies. If you're interested in taking on special assistance tasks that come up, let the staff know at Check-In and we will attempt to find and ask you before offering the task to the nearest available players.

Donations (SP Reward Varies)

You can donate items we need in return for an SP reward. All donations should be agreed upon in advance with a director-level member of staff. Some objects need to be seen in person to properly assess them- in such cases, we cannot guarantee that we will accept an item or how much SP you will get for it until you bring it to an event. As a general guideline, the dollar value of an item donated is equivalent to the service point reward (a $10 item is worth 10 Service Points). 

Spending Service Points

(Note: Service Points can only be spent during Check-In at an event)

Experience Points (10 SP per 1 XP)

You can convert SP to XP at a rate of 10 to 1. The maximum amount of XP you can earn from service points and bought XP combined is +5 per event. This way, you can still earn the same maximum reward for contributing just assistance to the game as you can for contributing a combination of financial aid and assistance.

(For example, John reaches the maximum +5 XP per event by purchasing bonus XP in advance (for 3 XP) and converting 20 Service Points (for 2 XP); while Jane reaches the maximum +5 XP per event by converting 50 Service Points (For 5 XP)).


Commodities (10 SP per 1-10 Commodities)

Choose a commodity category (Food, Drink, Clothing, Material). The exact commodity and amount of units on the card (1-10) are determined by a die roll made with a staff member.

Components (10 SP per 1-10 Components)

Choose a component category (Chemical, Herbal, Invention, Magical, Mundane). The exact component and amount of units on the card (1-10) are determined by a die roll made with a staff member.

Spontaneous Talent (5 SP per 1 XP Cost of Skill)

Choose a skill you meet the prerequisites for but have not yet learned. You gain access to that skill for no XP cost, but only for the duration of the event. For each 1 XP the skill costs, spend 5 SP.

Autodidact (10 SP per 1 XP Cost of Skill)

Choose a skill you meet the prerequisites for but have not yet learned- and teach it to yourself. You must spend the normal amount of XP on the skill, but you require no teacher and have the ability to use the skill immediately.