Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Path Specializations

In your travels you may meet individuals that know unique skills or rare lore that they learned or pioneered themselves. Specializations represent these unique skills that can only be discovered through exploring the world of Ki’mara. You may know any specialization that you meet the Prerequisites for so long as they do not conflict with one another.

You may also choose to Specialize in your hobby which will give you access to that path’s starting benefits and higher Tier skills. Be warned however, choosing to do this will limit your access to most other specializations as any additional specializations you learn must have both your primary path and hobby path as possible prerequisites to obtain them.

Planned Specializations

In no particular order these are planned specializations that will become available over the course of the game.

  • Gunslinger: An Outlaw that has traded in his daggers for a pair of mastermind pistols.
  • Scion of Light: A martial champion that fights the righteous fight using his piety.
  • Prismatic Order: A mage who is able to master all four elements, White mage, and Black mage.
  • Caravan Master: A great leader who knows the in and outs of survival in Ki'mara.
  • Clockwork Soldier: A warrior better capable of fighting with the aid of inventions.
  • Eldritch Hunter: A more civilized shaman that fights the occult and supernatural creatures.
  • Technomancer: A mastermind that can better weave magic and inventions together.