Travelers of Ki'Mara

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The Advocacy

The Empire cannot be permitted to treat Ki’Mara as though it were unoccupied territory, and its peoples as inconvenient obstacles on the road to utter sovereignty. We must learn to make peace with this unconquerable land if we are to remain at all.

                                                                        -Ambassador Thu'ulsch, The Advocacy


The Advocacy is a political group that fights in the halls of Parliament and on the frontiers of Ki’Mara for the rights of Ki’Maran natives, and the cause of peace. It was founded by a group of Balicai elders, but now has members from every known sentient race. Some members focus on political activism, while others provide more direct aid on the edge of civilization, preventing conflict and saving lives where and when they can.


When the first Journey ship landed in Ki'Mara just over a century ago, there was an immediate and brutal conflict between the seemingly hostile native Ecferus and the Amaran colonists. A definitive Amaran victory followed, mostly resulting from the presence of a primitive helatite firearms, and the few Ecferus of that first tribe who were left alive were scattered to the winds. Sensing the seeds of a slaughter similar to their people's own troubled past, a group of Balicai managed to petition Parliament to end the fighting between the Amarans and Ecferus before the damage became irreversible. That group of Balicai went on to mediate a tenuous peace between the two races, and in so doing formed the Advocacy, a group whose mission was the preservation of Ki’maran native rights and the prevention of slaughter in the name of progress.

The agreement forged between the Amarans and Ecferus was called the Stonebridge Treaty, named for the first Colony, where the talks took place. It set a precedent for future contact with the native peoples of Ki’Mara, requiring all decisions in regard to the treatment of such peoples to be brought before Parliament. This allowed Advocacy members to delay or even veto relevant action proposed by the Imperial Army or its Ki’mara-bound branch, the Foreign Legion. Many Lords and Ladies of Parliament and other powerful Amarans gravitated towards the philanthropic platform of the Advocacy over the years, though in truth some were motivated by political reasons, rather than moral ones.

Today, the Advocacy is primarily made of up two groups, each utterly reliant on the other. There are those who wield their influence and wealth in the courts of Amara and the Colonies, blocking their imperialist counterparts, and providing transparency to the decisions made by government. The other group is made of up of emissaries and their staff who influence decisions made during critical encounters on the ground in Ki'Mara, many of whom have died in the line of duty protecting civilians on both sides from the horrors of war.

Advocates in the Caravan

As an Advocate in the Caravan, you are uniquely placed to influence the decisions made on the ground in many potential first contact situations with new native ethnic groups. This is a great responsibility, for the actions of the Caravan are bound to inflict lasting effects on all future contact with such groups. Such opportunity also provides a fast track for advancement in the organization, accompanied by legal powers that have the potential to change the course of history. Some Caravan-based Advocates may be politically motivated, others ethically compelled, and some may have inherited their membership from philanthropic families. Whatever your reason, your mission now is to fight for peace on the edge of civilization.

Ranks and Powers

(Faction powers are legal abilities that often rely on in-game compliance with the law and are not enforced by any game mechanic.)

The Advocacy is an oversight committee, possessing a linear ranking structure. No new titles are acquired after the third, "Ambassador", but several different echelons exist within that purview; Ambassadors of high rank are referred to with a secondary title, e.g. "High Ambassador", While not secret, the details of this upper ranking structure are typically unknown to those who have not attained Ambassador status themselves.


Description: All Advocates attain this rank upon recruitment, and many retain it throughout their career. For others, it is merely a stepping stone to leading in the name of their cause.

Power: At each check-in, you receive a minor shamanic talisman that will be useful regardless of your race or path.

Catch: Along with the talisman there will be a faction mission that you expected to complete during the event.


Description: You have become a voice for the voiceless, and are entrusted with greater responsibility. You may be called upon to speak for the Advocacy in diplomatic situations, and must wield this influence carefully in order to retain it or advance further.

Power: Once per month, you may delay an important decision being made by any official or group, including the Caravan Council, Parliament, or any political faction. For one hour, the decision will be delayed by law.

Catch: You must be able to explain to your superiors how using this power worked towards the Advocacy's goals of protecting the natives or preserving their culture, or your membership in the group may be compromised.


Description: You are a true agent of peace, dispatched by the Advocacy to lead Amarans and natives alike down a path of mutual prosperity. You wield considerable political influence among your peers.

Power: Once every three months, you may call for a ceasefire between any two groups of sentient beings currently in conflict. Even if only one side recognizes The Advocacy (including Parliament, all Harena, Odun, and Balicai leadership, and most Arachnis, Dwarves, and Ecferus). that side must seek a peaceful resolution for at least three hours, fighting only in self-defense. If both sides recognize Parliament and/or the Advocacy, they are required by law to lay down their weapons and engage in mandatory peace talks for three hours, under threat of imprisonment and charges of treason.

Catch: If after the three hour period the groups are unable to attain at least a partial, temporary armistice, the Advocate who called for the ceasefire will likely lose their Ambassador status and be required to work their way back up as a Representative.

Other Factions

  • The Caravan Union: "Sometimes, they oppose the violent tyranny of Amaran expansionists, while at other times, they facilitate the worst of such atrocities. Their true allegiance remains to be seen."

  • The Imperial Corps of Engineers: "They are our allies in Parliament; many Lords who trace their roots back to the old aristocracy have a unique penchant for philanthropic action... but their technology poses the greatest threat to the land itself."

  • The Foreign Legion "They recruit violent criminals, give them weapons, and then turn them lose on the natives. Their bloodlust is exceeded only by their greed for land, and both represent the greatest dangers facing Ki'Mara's future."

  • The Order of the Solemn "They will let the Legion burn Ki'Mara as long as it improves their almighty bottom line."