Travelers of Ki'Mara

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The Foreign Legion

Your old life is over. Whatever you were before, that's done now. Your new life is fighting for the Empire. Fight well, and you may end your tour owning the ground you fought for. Fight poorly, you and many others will be dead. Time to choose.

                                                                             -Sergeant Ryan Kincaid, The Foreign Legion


The Foreign Legion is the branch of the Imperial Army that is based in Ki’Mara. While some join up seeking adventure in the untamed wilderness, many Legionnaires were once condemned criminals given the opportunity to serve out their sentence in military service on the harsh frontier. The Legion is often the only line of defense between colonists and a hostile world of natives and monstrous wildlife.


The first Amaran Imperial army was the first army in human history raised by champions of industry instead of noblemen. Soldiers were paid steady salaries, served limited tours, and were offered land ownership as a reward for participating in the conquest of Amara. Skilled warriors were paid well to become battle instructors. Many historians cite these military reforms as largely responsible the success of early Imperial expansion. When the First Great Journey Ship arriving on the shores of Ki’Mara led to the discovery of extraordinary natural resources (and an immediate conflict with a nearby Ecferus tribe) a similar plan was to be implemented.

There was one problem; millennia of relative peace had left the Imperial army too small and well paid to risk invading the nightmarishly hostile frontier. For this reason, Parliament chose to solve two problems in a single stroke; their need for muscle in Ki’Mara, and their overcrowded prisons. They created a new branch of the Imperial Army, the Foreign Legion, and gave condemned criminals an opportunity to serve out their sentence in military service on the frontier. The Legion has for its century of history maintained this recruitment policy. Depending on the nature of their crimes, their tour may be brief, or it may be permanent- either way, few live long enough to see its end.

With the colonies growing in population and the opportunities of the frontier clearer to the people of both continents, the Legion has expanded tremendously, and many of its current members are voluntary recruits. Few are still former inmates of Amaran prisons, but an increasing number are criminals apprehended in Ki’Mara and given the opportunity to serve in the legion in lieu of their sentence by colonial judges. While certainly unique in its recruitment practices, the Amaran "Foreign Legion" is simply one among several in the Imperial Army- with the same excellent training and tactics used by other legions. In fact, they are modeled more closely on the early legions than those of the current age; expansion and settlement are prime goals for the foreign legion, in part because their officer's bonuses are paid in the deeds to conquered land.

Legionnaires in the Caravan

As a Legionnaire in the Caravan, you are charged with the protection of this critical expedition at all costs. The dangers are innumerable; hostile natives, wild beasts, and even the land itself constantly threaten the Caravan, and you are the thin line between that world and the expedition. As you rise in rank, you will become increasingly responsible for representing the Legion’s interests during critical encounters such as first contact situations. With such frequent opportunities to prove one’s worth, many Legionnaire recruits can earn field promotions in months that soldiers stationed elsewhere take years to achieve. Caravan Legionnaires also represent more diverse races and skill sets than virtually any other military unit the world over- effectiveness is the only trait they all have in common.

Ranks and Powers

(Faction powers are legal abilities that rely on in-game compliance with the law and are not enforced by any game mechanic.)

The Foreign Legion has a single chain of command, with nine ranks, beginning with Recruit and ending with a General, who in turn reports to Imperial High Command in Amara. This simple power structure provides clear parameters for operating in the field; the highest ranking soldier present is in command, superseded by any standing orders from an officer of superior rank.


Description: You rank is held by fresh enlistees and recently condemned criminals alike, though many soldiers maintain this position throughout careers, often being addressed as Legionnaire rather than Recruit when appropriate.

Power: At each check in, you are issued a single equipment card (weapon, shield, or armor) that can be used, given away, or sold in-game.

Catch: Along with each equipment card will be written orders from your superiors in the Legion, detailing a task you must attempt to complete over the course of the event.


Description: You have demonstrated battlefield prowess, command potential, or both. You are charged with leading all recruits in the absence of a higher ranking officer, and are held to a higher standard of excellence by your superior officers.

Power: Once per month, you can legally conscript any passport-holding Amaran citizen (including colonial citizens) or a caravan member to serve as a Legion recruit for the next hour.

Catch: Any time you conscript someone, you must make a written or verbal report to a superior officer within twenty four hours explaining the purpose of your conscription.


Description: You are a fully-fledged officer of the Imperial Army, with all the privileges and responsibilities implied therein. You are responsible for a higher level of tactical operations, often devising overall strategy to be executed by Sergeants and recruits under their command

Power: Once every three months, you will receive a single deed to a plot of land that will vary in worth depending on your recent overall performance as an officer.

Catch: You must have recruited at least one new Legionnaire within the last three months to claim your land deed.

Other Factions

  • The Advocacy: "A cancer that infects our government and the minds of the people alike, these hypocrites would sooner see citizens brutally slaughtered than have us knock down a single tree. It’s not justice, it’s treason.”

  • The Caravan Union: "We wouldn’t exist without them, nor they without us. Behind every legion unit is a union Caravan, building supply lines on the edge of civilization. They’re allies, as long as they keep their noses clean."

  • The Imperial Corps of Engineers: "They have a knack for building machines of war, and that’s a useful commodity in our line of work… as long as it’s our soldiers using the machines and not these delusional monarchists themselves."

  • The Order of the Solemn: "They pay our salaries, and they’re about as keen on land acquisition as we are. Our interests tend to coincide on a regular basis, even though we often hail from the opposite ends of society."