Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Using Skills

Skills allow your character to interact with the game world in a fair and constructed manner. They can be used to resolve conflict, inflict wounds on your foes (which they must roleplay when struck), or defend against others who wish to do you harm. They provide a level playing field for everyone and allow you to do things (especially in combat) that you might not otherwise be able to.

Learning and Teaching Skills

To learn a new skill you must have enough Unspent Experience Points to purchase it and someone who is willing to teach you that has the skill printed on their character's passport, you may not learn from other students. If you cannot find a teacher you may request one from logistics however this option may not always be available. We will dispatch an NPC at some point (usually within a couple hours). This NPC has the knowledge you seek but it is up to you to find them and earn their trust. They are strangers in a strange land and will not teach every would-be adventurer with a gun. Some may want some form of compensation while others may send you on a quest to complete before they give you aid.

If you wish to learn additional uses of some skills you may teach them to yourself at any point during an event. Mastery V is considered an exception to this rule however and will require that you find someone a second time to learn this improved version of the skill.

When teaching skills you must roleplay the lesson a minimum of 5 minutes though many skills may take much longer to teach correctly. Remember the longer you roleplay the lesson the more likely you are to gain Roleplay Experience Points for adding to the atmosphere of the game! There is no skill related to teaching another character what you know but someone with the Professor background may teach multiple characters the same skill in the same lesson.

To use a skill you have learned you must wait until your next event. Only once it is printed on your passport may a skill be used or purchased additional times. This represents the time it takes for you to practice and master the skill, and allows us to better keep track of characters. If you decide before the end of an event that you do not wish to learn a skill you may cross it off your list and immediately use the XP elsewhere. Be wary though as you will need to participate in another lesson to learn the skill a second time.

Skill Usage

The number one rule about skills is always speak loudly and clearly when using them. All skills fall into one of four categories that determine how often you can use them.  


These skills can be used at-will an unlimited number of times unless otherwise noted in the skill's description. You generally need only purchase a common skill once ever to use it's full potential. Knowledge, continuous bonus, and item creation skills usually fall into the Common category.


A skill in this category can be used one time for each purchase you make. Heroic skills have reduced XP costs initially and increase by 1 for every three purchases you make. For example if you purchase Critical from the warrior path 4 times, the forth purchase would cost 2 XP. Heroics refresh whenever you become fully rested. 


Among the stronger skills in the game, Masteries will often compose of your most used skills. Mastery skills are denoted with roman numerals on your character passport and can be purchased a maximum of 5 times. Each purchase increases by 2 XP. For example, Dodge from the outlaw path costs 6 for Mastery I, which increases to 8, 10, 12, and finally 14 for Dodge V. Masteries refresh whenever you become fully rested.


When you have attained a high level of skill in your path you will unlock access to Legendary skills. These represent the most awesome aspects of your character's path. There is no limit to the total number of Legendary skills you may know, however most skills can only be purchased no more than 3 times. Each Legendary skill is different but they all share the same trait of only refreshing at the beginning of an event.

Refreshing Skills

When you spend time grabbing a meal in a tavern, taking a nap in the shade, partaking in afternoon tea, or wake up from a good nights rest, your skills are restored to full use. This is any 2 hours of uninterrupted time spent doing things outside of combat or other instances of intensive skill use. Rest Areas (which are marked with Area Notes) can also be used to cut the time it takes to refresh your skills in half or even reduce it to minutes. Lastly, some ceremonies and blessings can instantly refresh some or even all of the skills on your passport. Whenever you spend time to refresh you must write that time down in your adventure log.