Travelers of Ki'Mara

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Nothing beats a good fight. Are you a defender of the weak or an overseer that keeps the masses in line? Through martial skill and strength-at-arms you are superior to all would-be challengers. Many sneer at you for using weapons of a bygone era but you are quick to remind them that a sword does not run out of bullets. Will you choose to fight with a shield or do you prefer a weapon in each hand? Do you find comfort in the reach of a pole-arm or admire the simplicity of a staff? If you want to be in the thick of melee combat and value toughness over all else then you are a Warrior. 

Starting Benefit

You are stronger than most travelers and any melee weapon you wield does an additional +1 point of damage. This includes weapons you are not proficient with. You gain this skill at 1st level for free.

Novice Tier

At 1st level you only have access to Novice Tier Skills. Full descriptions of each skill can be found below the table.

SKill Name
XP Cost
Armor Efficiency I-II*
When wearing armor you gain 1 melee defense per rank in this skill.
3 / 5
Brutal Strike
Deal double damage with two-handed weapons on 1 attack.
Charge I-II*
Toughness II, Shield 
Block II
You gain improved attack and defense while charging at foes.
4 / 6
Critical Strike
Deal +2 damage on 1 attack while using a one-handed weapon.
Disarm I-II*
Parry I
This attack disarms an opponent
3 / 5
Hammer Smash I-II* 
Brutal Strike I or Critical Strike x2
Deal double damage on your next swing when using a blunt weapon.
5 / 7
Mutilate I-II*
Brutal Strike x 2
Maim a limb to render it useless.
5 / 7
Melee Weapon Training
You gain proficiency with all Blade, Axe, or Blunt weapons.
Parry I-II*
When weilding a weapon you gain 1 melee defense per rank in this skill.
4 / 6
Shield Bash I-II*
You may push a target 10 strides while wielding a shield.
5 / 7
Shield Block I-II*
While using a shield you gain 1 melee or projectile defense.
4 / 6
Sunder I-II*
Parry I
Destroy a weapon when wielding a blunt weapon.
5 / 7
Enemies attack you instead of your allies.
Gain +10 HP, and +1 HP per Character Level.
Twin Strike I-II*
Two Weapon Style, Critical 
Strike x 3
When wielding two weapons your next 10 swings deal +2 damage
5 / 7
Whirlwind I-II*
Critical Strike x 5
Deal double damage to every target within reach of your weapon.
5 / 7

*Rank III and IV can be purchased when you attain Journeyman Tier Warrior and Rank V can be purchased when you attain Expert Tier Warrior.

In the section below, each skill name is followed by its Usage (Common, Heroic, Mastery, Legendary). This defines the number of purchases you may make of that skill, when it refreshes, and how often you can use it. More information about a skills usage can be found on the Using Skills page under Larp Basics


Novice Tier Skill Descriptions

Armor Efficiency  ♦  Mastery
You can use your armor to take the brunt of a weapon strike and avoid damage. For each rank you have gained in this skill you may call, "Armor Efficiency, No Effect," to negate a single Melee Attack Skill. You must be wearing armor that covers your torso to use this skill. When you gain rank V of this skill you may also use it to defend against Projectile Attacks in the same way. This skill may defend against an attack from any direction.

Brutal Strike  ♦  Heroic

You know how to use two handed weapons to deal more damage to your foes. When you call this skill your next weapon swing deals double damage. This skill is used regardless of your attacks success and cannot be used in combination with other Heroic or Mastery skills. You may purchase this skill any number of times. 

Charge  ♦  Mastery

You are able to cover the distance to a foe with unstoppable force. To use this skill say, "Charge" and move up to 10 strides before making an attack. You may call, "Charge, No Effect" to defend against the first Projectile or Melee Attack that hits you during this movement. The defense provided by charge lasts until you have made your attack or after five seconds, whichever happens first. At Mastery V this skill may also defend against a single magical attack.

Critical Strike  ♦  Heroic

Your attack is more precise than usual. You deal +2 damage on your next attack. 

Disarm I-II  ♦  Mastery

You are able to knock your opponent’s weapon from their grip. You must strike the targets weapon arm to successfully use this attack. At Mastery V, this skill can be used to disarm any weapon or object a target is holding and have it land in a specific location within 10 feet of them. This may be used to place the item into your own hand. You may only disarm weapons of an equal or lower size category than your own. For example, you may disarm a Dagger with a Longsword but you may not disarm a Longsword with a Dagger.

Hammer Smash  ♦  Mastery

You deal double damage on your next attack with a blunt weapon regardless of its size.

Mutilate  ♦  Mastery

Your attacks can cut through armor and break bones rendering your target’s limbs useless. When you successfully hit a target's limb you may call "Maim" to render them unable to use that limb. At Mastery V, you don't have to strike your target to use this skill (your weapon must still be able to reach them however). This effect lasts until the target's limb is fully healed. 

Melee Weapon Training  ♦  Common

You gain proficiency in one of the following weapon categories (Blade, Axe, or Blunt). You know how to use a weapon with this description regardless of its size or handedness. For example if you choose axe you would gain proficiency with any small axe, one-handed axe, two-handed axe, or poleaxe. Proficiency allows you to call skills with that weapon and receive passive benefits.

Parry  ♦  Mastery

You are capable of turning aside most melee attacks with your weapon. You must be wielding a weapon to defend using this skill. At Mastery V you may use Parry against projectile attacks made with a bow, crossbow, or thrown weapons. This skill only applies against attacks made from in front of you.

Shield Bash  ♦  Mastery

You are able to knock your opponent back with the force of your shield. Never strike someone with your shield physrep! When using this skill call “Knockback, 10 Strides.” You must be wielding a large shield to use this skill.  At Mastery V, you may use this skill to Daze your target for 10 seconds as well as knocking them back

Sunder  ♦  Mastery

You are able to destroying your opponent's weapon with blunt force. To use this skill you must strike your target’s weapon and call “Sunder.” Weapons that have been sundered are broken and may not be used until they are repaired. At Mastery V this skill may be used to destroy armor which removes the armor's threshold until it is repaired.

Shield Block  ♦  Mastery

You are adept with a shield and may defend against one melee or projectile attack. When you use this skill call “No Effect.” You must be carrying a shield to use this skill. At Mastery V you may defend against Magical Attacks. This skill does not defend against bullets.

Taunt  ♦  Common

You slap your foe with the flat of your blade and insult them into attacking you instead of your allies. You may call “Taunt” as a melee attack. This skill does not deal any damage and must strike your opponent to be successful. If able, the target must attack you for 5 seconds or until they successfully deal damage to you, whichever takes longer. This skill does not stop them from defending against other attacks and does not affect their common sense. For example, putting allies between yourself and someone under the effects of your taunt will not make them more vulnerable to attacks or force them to break ranks.

Toughness  ♦  Common

You gain +10 HP when you buy this skill, as well as an additional +1 HP for each character level you possess, and +1 HP for each level you earn in the future. This effect raises your total character health. This skill may only be purchased once.

Twin Strike  ♦  Mastery

When you call this skill your next 10 swings strike for +2 damage.  You must be wielding two weapons to use this skill. At Mastery V, this bonus damage increases to +4.

Whirlwind  ♦  Mastery

You are able to lash out against all challengers with deadly speed. This skill can be activated without striking a target however you must still be able to reach them with some part of your weapon for them to be affected. You may call a personal hold to clarify this attack and may not move your feet while doing so. At Mastery V you may combine this skill with the use of any other Melee Attack skill.

Journeyman Tier

To open the Journeyman Tier of Warrior you must have a total of 100 XP spent on skills from the Warrior and Traveler list.

Skill Name
XP Cost
Blind Fighting
You can fight with melee weapons while blinded.
You can ignore the effects of fear.

Deadly Strike

Brutal or Critical Strike x 4
Gain +5 damage on your next swing with a melee weapon.


Brutal Strike x 3, Mutilate II
Pin a target on the end of your polearm or spear

Improved Strength

Carry disabled allies at any pace and lift objects twice your own weight.

Improved Two Weapon Style

Two Weapon Style, Twin Strike II
Deal damage with your off-hand weapon and carry firearms in your offhand.


Armor Efficiency II
Defend allies from attacks by throwing yourself in the way.
Mastery III
Mastery II of any skill.
Gain Rank III of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost.
Mastery IV
Mastery III of any skill.
Gain Rank IV of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost. 

Off-Hand Offense

Two Weapon Style
Deal +1 damage while wielding two weapons.
Toughness III, Whirlwind IV, Charge II
When heavily wounded increase your combat ferocity.

Staff Mastery

Weapon Proficiency: Staff, Improved Strength
Use piercing attacks to trip your opponent.

Sword and Board

Taunt, Toughness II, Shield 
Bash I
Gain immunity to push and throw effects while using a 1 handed weapon and shield.

Journeyman Tier Skill Descriptions

Blind Fighting  ♦  Common

You are capable of fighting while blinded and can ignore this effect when using melee weapons and melee skills. You are still blinded and may only move at a heel-to-toe pace.

Courage  ♦  Heroic

You are able to defend against any attack skill that causes Fear.

Deadly Strike  ♦  Heroic

Your next attack with any melee weapon deals +5 damage.

Impale  ♦  Heroic

Your thrust with a polearm is so powerful that you can skewer your foes. When you successfully hit with this attack your target is Pinned to the end of your polearm and must move in any direction you pull them. They must roleplay agonizing pain while effected by this skill and cannot call attack skills (they may still defend). Impale does not end if you are disarmed and continues to effect them until they slowly repeat "Remove Weapon" 5 times. You or anyone else holding your polearm may remove this weapon at-will.

Improved Strength  ♦  Common

You are able to carry allies at a regular walking pace and lift objects twice your own weight.

Improved Two Weapon Style  ♦  Common

You are able to call attack and defense skills with your off-hand weapon. Additionally, you may now use a projectile weapon in your off-hand and call any skills that you know with it.

Intercept  ♦  Heroic

You throw yourself in front of an attack that was meant for an ally. When you use this skill, designate the target you are protecting and say “No Effect.”

Off-Hand Offense  ♦  Common

Whenever you are fighting with two weapons you deal +1 damage with all attacks including the use of skills. 

Rage  ♦   Common

Whenever you drop below half of your normal hit points you may activate Rage. You gain immunity to all mental skills (offensive and defensive) and swing an additional +1 damage with all attacks. Rage lasts until you drop to 0 hit points (at which point you immediately go into the Dying Status) or until the end of the battle (where your HP becomes 5 regardless of what it was before). You are unable to use Magical or Mental skills while using this skill.

Staff Mastery  ♦  Heroic

Your training with this simple implement gives you the advantage against most opponents. Whenever you attack with a staff you may choose to call "Piercing" as part of the attack.

Sword and Board  ♦  Common

Whenever you are using a one handed weapon and shield at the same time you gain immunity to Push and Throw effects.

Expert Tier

To open the Expert Tier of Warrior you must have a total of 300 XP spent on skills from the Warrior and Traveler list.

 XP Cost
Staff Mastery
Use staff to throw your target 10 strides in any direction.
Inspire Heroism
You can inspire others to ignore fear.
Mastery V
Mastery IV of any skill.
Gain Rank V of a Mastery skill you already know at increased XP cost. 
Master Strike
Deadly Strike x 4
Gain +10 damage on your next swing with a melee weapon.
Oversized Weapon Training
Cleave IV, Mutilate IV
Wield a two handed weapon in each hand and call two-handed weapon skills.
Shield Wall
Shield Block V
Gain immunity to trip and piercing effects while adjacent to shield bearing allies.
Throat Jab
Improved Strength, Fisticuffs or Staff Mastery
You can Daze and Silence your foe with a fist or staff attack.
You can strike down your foe before dropping unconcious.

Expert Tier Skill Descriptions

Fling  ♦  Heroic

You are able to hit your targets with unrelenting force. When using this skill call, “7 Damage, Throw 30 strides” and designate where you are throwing the target.

Inspire Heroism  ♦  Heroic

You inspire anyone who can hear your voice with the resolve to overcome their fears. When you use this skill say "Remove Fear if you can hear my voice." 

Master Strike  ♦  Heroic

Your attack with any melee weapon deals +10 damage.

Oversized Weapon Training  ♦  Common

You are able to wield a two-handed weapon in each hand and may call any skill you could normally use with a two-handed weapon. This skill does not give you the ability to use a pole arm in one hand. 

Shield Wall  ♦  Common

Whenever you and at least one other person are wielding shields within arm's reach of each other you gain immunity to Trip and and Piercing attacks.

Throat Jab  ♦  Heroic

You are able to strike your foe while unarmed or wielding a staff to temporarily incapacitate them. When you use this skill say, "Daze 10 seconds, and Silence 1 minute." To use this skill strike your foe in the chest, never the actual neck or throat.

Vengeance  ♦  Heroic

When mortally wounded you strike at your foe with reckless abandon. When you are dropped to 0 hit points you may immediately hit your foe for 20 damage. You must be already using the skill Rage to call this skill.

Legendary Skills

To open Legendary Skills for Warrior you must have a total of 360 XP spent on the Warrior and Traveler list.

Skill Name
Combat Awareness
Armor Efficiency V, Intercept x5Parry V, and Resolve V (traveler path).
You gain immunity to fear, dominate, or weaken. You gain a defense against a suprise attack.
Berserker Rage
Oversized Weapon Training, Rage, and Toughness V.
You gain Immunity to detain, fear, pain, maim, trip, stun, subdue, and weaken. You gain 50 temporary hit points and all attacks deal +3 damage.
Perfect Strike
Charge V, Improved Strength, and Whirlwind V.
You are able to deal 40 damage with one attack that cannot be defended against. This attack cannot be combined with any other skills.

*All Legendary Skills cost 15 XP per purchase.


Legendary Skill Descriptions

Combat Awareness ♦ Legendary 

You are always keen on your surroundings and have learned from countless battles what to expect in a fight. You gain immunity to fear, dominate, or weaken when you take this skill. You may also call No Effect against one Surprise Attack for each purchase of this skill. You may take this skill a maximum of 3 times.

Berserker Rage ♦ Legendary 

You fly into a blood frenzy that is unrivaled by any physical training or weapon mastery you have received. For the next 5 minutes you gain Immunity to detain, fear, pain, maim, trip, stun, subdue, and weaken. You deal +3 damage with all attacks and gain 50 Temporary Hit Points. Additionally, you cannot enter the Disabled status and you ignore Maimed limbs even if you received them before activating this skill. When you reach 0 Hit Points you are slowed to a walking pace but movement based skills still work normally. When Berserker Rage expires you immediately drop into the Dying Status if you have less than half of your normal hit points. You may purchase this skill up to 3 times. 

Perfect Strike ♦ Legendary

You are one with your weapon and are able to bypass any defense your opponent can muster. This skill deals 40 piercing damage to your target and if that damage would put them below 0 HP they immediately drop into their dying status. You may purchase this skill up to 3 times.