Travelers of Ki'Mara

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In Travelers of Ki'Mara, anyone can pick up and wield, to at least moderate effectiveness, any weapon they find lying around, regardless of their background, path, or any skills. Proficiencies are only required to use weapon-based skills, which may greatly enhance your combat effectiveness when wielding that weapon- for instance the Outlaw skill "Dagger Specialization" specifically enhances your character's use of a dagger, rather than all small weapons. 

The following rules apply to using and building phyrsreps for your melee weapons, firearms, and bow and arrow. When participating in combat and using your weapons you must follow our Live-Action Combat rules at all times.

Melee Weapons

We allow the use of homemade boffer weapons, or latex weapons that have been purchased online. It is required that you get them inspected by a staff member at the beginning of an event. Once the weapon has passed inspection it can be used at events until you retire the weapon or a staff member re-evaluates the weapon and deems it unfit for use. We reserve the right to decline the use of any weapon prop we find unsafe.

Melee Weapon Guidelines

  • Boffer weapons must have a proper thrusting tip with enough holes to properly compress.
  • Every part of a boffer weapon should be covered in closed cell foam except for the grip.
  • Latex weapons cannot be too solid or too whippy. 
  • Latex weapons should not have torn or missing chunks of foam or gashes.
  • Latex weapons cannot be used to thrust. Although we do not inspect your ability to use one initially, we may ask you to stop using one later if you cannot do so safely.
  • Weapon cores should not be snapped or splintered.
  • Nerf N-Force or similar foam toys cannot be used as melee weapons.


Weapon Damage Table:

 Minimum Length
 Maximum Length
Small Weapon
  12 Inches
  18 Inches
  18 Inches
  42 Inches
  36 Inches
  60 Inches
  48 Inches
  66 Inches
  48 Inches
  72 Inches
Small Shield
  12" or 1'x'1
  29" or 2'x3'
Large Shield
 30" or 3'x3'
 48" or 5'x5'
Light Thrown
  6 Inches
 18 Inches
Heavy Thrown
18 inches
 36 inches

Picking up a firearm is inevitable at Travelers and encouraged as an integral part of the Steampunk genre. To represent our firearms we allow any nerf, buzzbee, or similar dart or soft ball firing toys. With so many make and models out their it would be impossible to list them all so instead we put down a few guidelines.

1. Ammunition Counts! 
The style of gun you use depends on the type of ammo it fires.
  • Ball launchers are equivalent to musket load and older blunderbuss firearms. Musket rounds are extremely common and inexpensive.
  • Darts are equivalent to rifled rounds and cartridge firearms. Rifled rounds cost more to make and are more expensive and hard to find.
  • Discs represent alchemy firearms and require a special skill to operate. Alchemy guns require ammunition per game but are otherwise treated as having unlimited ammunition. The are extremely expensive to build and maintain.

2. The Exotic Hand Cannon 1.21 nicknamed "Barnable"

Your physrep should appear as "realistically unrealistic" as possible. What we mean by this is no plastic should be left unpainted but the gun itself can be as outrageous as you like so long that it appears to be completely made out of non-plastic materials.

3. Bullet # 24

All ammunition needs to have your character number written on it. Leaving your ammo lying around is against many park regulations at the venues we attend and should always be picked up as soon as possible.

4. Industrial Strength Springs

We allow any internal or external modification of your physrep so long as you can safely demonstrate it and allow us to test it on yourself.

5. Dwarven Roulette

Your firearms cannot hold more than 6 bullets in any chamber or cartridge on the weapon. Spare ammo holsters are fine, as well as "shot slots."

Bow and Arrow

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