Travelers of Ki'Mara

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What Do I Need For A Travelers Event?

The items listed below are considered the bare essentials for a full-weekend long event. You should bring:

Costuming. You will be dressed as your character for almost the entire event. Make sure your costume is comfortable to wear for a long time and bring enough socks and undergarments for the entire weekend. Remember to wear weather appropriate clothing and extra layers during colder events. 

"Normal" Clothes. Even though you will be sleeping in-character you may not want to sleep in your costume. If you don’t have genre appropriate sleepwear we suggest darker colors and plain designs. Modern clothing with printed images or writing should be avoided when able. Its also a good idea to bring some comfortable clothes to change into after an event or if you have to leave during an event for any reason. 

Food. You should bring enough food to last you an event. We will always make you aware of what amenities (campfires, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, nearby restaurants, etc) you will have access to before the event. You are welcome to use any of these at the event sites as long as you respect others and clean up after yourselves. Make sure you review our Kitchen Policy if you plan on preparing food at the event.

Sleeping Gear. You will want to bring a sleeping bag, and camping mat or air mattress with you as well as weather appropriate gear. These items should be disguised to appear in game. See the props and decorations page for details and tips on disguising your sleeping area to appear in-game.

LARP-safe Weapons. We do not provide weapons for combat or loan them out from logistics. You can make your own boffer weapons or purchase latex weapons online. You will need one to represent any In-Game weapon you intend to use. Dart guns should be painted to appear in-genre. Check out our Weapons page for more details on LARP-safe Weapons.